Creative Advertising Ideas — 012

by . July 20th, 2013

It is the weekend again and we are jotting down some of the best and creative advertising ideas that we have all over the internet for your inspiration.

For this week’s edition of Creative Advertising Ideas we are featuring Brazilian Luthiery, Kian for their one of a kind guitar poster. Meanwhile, Volkswagen takes 2 in this week’s list with their badly kerned billboard in Italy and a new type of wobbler in Belgium. Next is a no nonesense direct marketing ad for McMillan and lastly we are checking out some quirky illustrations for Gain.

Kian Guitars


creative advertising ideas

Kian from Kian Guitars on Vimeo.

Using the very same techniques of creating guitars, Kian has decided to create an amazing guitar poster for their advertisement. Their aim is to show the viewers the concept of “a sound of your own”. Using high quality materials they were able to craft an amazing looking guitar poster that plays and sounds like a guitar.

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creative advertising ideas

Sometimes it takes a bad kerning to create a creative advertising idea. Looking at Volkswagen’s latest outdoor advertisement the made use of bad kerning to show the automobile’s latest technology which is the Automatic Distance Control. The simple and yet wonderfully crafted ad is made by stv DDB an Italian-based ad agency.


Belgians are always wary of the weather and this was proven that 3 million people consult the images of meteo-cams on the Belgian coast. To attract new customers to try out their cars, Volkswagen along with DDB Brussels created this new medium that they call meteo-wobblers. Wobblers are basically those dangling little pieces of paper or plastic that is often seen in grocery aisles to take someone’s attention.

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Direct Marketing

Creative Advertising Ideas

Using a simple, straight-forward and an old-school approach to make their audience intrigued with their ad. They used a “fold-in” ad for their self-promotion wherein they have created an interactive experience that is straightforward and definitely cuts through the mountain of clutter.

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Gain With Oxi


A good illustration is totally useless without a narrative but in Gain’s latest advertisement, they have managed to create one that has a good amount of tension in it as well. Behind this amazing and creative advertising idea is Chicago-based agency Lapiz. They commissioned Argentinian artist Javier Lourenço to do the amazing illustrations.

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What do you guys think? We particularly liked Kian’s guitar poster for it’s craftsmanship and interactivity. What about you guys? Which is your favorite from the list and why? Let us know in the comments!

That concludes this week’s edition of Creative Advertising Ideas and we do hope that you guys got inspired!