Creative Advertising Ideas — 014

by . August 11th, 2013

It’s the end of the week again which means we list down Creative Advertising Ideas from all over the internet!

For this week’s edition of Creative Advertising Ideas we are going to talk about red lights for Andrey Lobov, personalized billboards of Coca-cola, afterimages of Missing Children Europe and Hollywood mutants!

Andrey Lobov Studio
Direct Marketing

Saatchi & Saatchi created these amazing direct marketing tools for Andrey Lobov. In order to promote his work, Saatich & Saatchi created these amazing materials wherein the copy is only readable when red light passes through it. A similar style was done by Stefan Sagmeister in his book entitled: Made You Look

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Coca Cola

In this day and age people like customizing and personalizing things to their whim. In order to give better connect with their consumers, Coca-cola Israel launched their customized bottles campaign last May. Following with the customized bottle idea, Coca-cola took it up a notch and created a customized billboard.


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Missing Children Europe

Missing Children Europe is an organization dedicated to work against child disappearance and sexual exploitation in all of its forms. They made use of a simple poster wherein they included an afterimage to create a memorable experience with the ad.

Creative Advertising Ideas

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X-Men: Days of Future Past

After the successful The Wolverine, Marvel is not yet done with us. They recently launched a website to introduce the newest nemesis of the X-Men franchise. The website Trask Industries feels and looks like a real medical website until one checks the about page. Unsuspecting people especially those who don’t have any idea who Trask is will most likely get fooled on their first visit because of how serious the tone of the website has.


Creative Advertising Ideas

Creative Advertising Ideas

Creative Advertising Ideas

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That concludes this week’s edition of Creative Advertising Ideas! Tune in next week to get your dose of awesome advertising. Do tell us what do you guys think at the comments below!