Creative Advertising Ideas — 015

by . August 18th, 2013

Advertising is many things and one of them is a helpful and caring one. In this week’s edition of Creative Advertising Ideas we are going to feature interesting advocacy campaigns.

These ads are not just only creative advertising ideas but they are ads that care. Advocacy ads can range from companies trying to make a difference, down to the ones trying to show that they care for their consumers. From Africa to the bustling nightlife in Lebanon, campaigns like these deserves a mention for their efforts in making the world a nicer place.



It’s fun to be young and have a couple of drinks with friends, drunk driving isn’t it is serious business. The lax road safety, traffic laws and enforcement is a major issue in Lebanon. This has cost Lebanon a whopping 10,000 car accidents in 2010 alone. Nissan decided to bring up drunk driving to the Lebanese youth. Unlike regular PSAs Nissan did the approach in a fun and playful manner. What they did is have people suggest their intoxicated friends to be arrested and sent home using Nissan cars.

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Direct Marketing

The lack of proper hygiene has killed thousands in South Africa. It is said that South Africa is considered one of the most unhygienic places in Earth. Diseases such typhoid, cholera and diarrhea has greatly affected the children. The simple idea of washing hands does the job but, how does one teach and get children excited? Simple. Put a toy inside the soap.

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Lebanese Autism Society

Direct Marketing

Recent autism statistics show that 1 in 88 children in America are diagnosed with autism. In the same statistic it is said that boys are more likely to have autism than girls. In Lebanon, the awareness about autism is considered to be very low. In order to get the people aware, the Lebanese Autism Society did a very expressive approach. They required people to make an effort and look on a different angle.

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A Drop of Life

Direct Marketing

In China, there are 47.5 percent of these areas where water is scarce.  A Drop of Life is a non-profit organization dedicated to inform and get the people moving. Their aim is to help those who are living in the arid areas. In order to tell the people about the issue A Drop of Life made use of thermal coasters. There coasters reveals a message to the people that a simple drop is a big help.

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Advertising is not only just here to sell products but it also gives ideas. It also makes the loudest voice for those who cannot speak out. Creative advertising ideas isn’t just all about selling but is also about inspiring and making people move and do good for the world as well.

Tells us what you like! Which of the campaigns in the list you guys like the most? Share your thoughts and comments below!