Creative Advertising Ideas — 017

by . September 30th, 2013

 Advertisements are everywhere, they just don’t exist on paper anymore thanks to technology. This week we are going to feature the simple, small and yet creative advertising ideas that made use of simple methods to have their message be heard.

Back in the day advertisements existed in signs, posters and postcards but thanks to the ever advancing technology advertisements has gone a long way. Now, advertisements are found online, billboards, movies, radio and generally almost everywhere. Before advertisements are just read and seen, now advertisements have become more interactive.  For this week’s Creative Advertising Ideas we are showcasing non-digital interactive advertisements that are simple but very effective when it comes to delivering their message.

Dubai Cares

Is a philanthropic organization aimed at the betterment of children’s education in developing countries. For their ad, Dubai Cares created these simple and yet amazing scratch cards and distributed it at strategic locations like malls and gas stations. Dubai Cares did this in order to make prospective donors see the sudden change a single coin can do.

creative advertising ideas

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Sunnybrook Hospital

Is a hospital based in Canada and is affiliated to University of Toronto. For Sunnybrook Hospital innovation is their top priority when it comes to health care. In order to help Sunnybrook decided to raise donations funds and they did it by using  custom made donation box. The donation box has the word inoperable in it and the glass box wherein people can put their donation money is in front of the letters I and N. When the box is filled with money the two letters are covered up making the word read as operable.

(Photo has been taken down on February 2, 2015 as requested)

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Global warming is a serious issue that everyone should be worried about, specially for those who watched Al Gore’s documentary An Inconvenient Truth. While there have been many initiatives to help educate the people about the disastrous effects of global warming. World Wildlife Fund France did a simple campaign in order to raise donations and make people be more conscious of global warming everyday. Using a heat sensitive mug they where able to show in a simple way the effects of global warming.

creative advertising ideas

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What do you guys think? Which ad is your favorite? We want to hear what you guys think. Share your thoughts at the comments below!