Desktopography 2008 Wallpaper Exhibition

by . June 16th, 2008

Desktopography is a great a non-profit, fun project meant to bring a bit of joy and nature to the cold mechanical computer screens designers use every day. Designers spend much of their life in front of the computer and often miss out on a lot of the great wonders of nature. These desktop wallpaper designs are meant to brighten our long days with beautiful scenes of nature related landscapes.

The Desktopography Wallpaper Exhibition started back in 2005 and each year the designs are evolving to become more amazing. This years designs are no exception and below are some of the most incredible nature related desktop wallpapers I have ever seen! Its truly hard to imagine how much time, energy, love and skill went into some of these designs. Here are a few of my favorite desktop wallpaper designs from the 2008 Desktopography Wallpaper Exhibition:

Desktopography 2008 Wallpaper Exhibition






Which desktop wallpaper designs do you like best from the 2008 collection?


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