Don Hertzfeldt: The Most Innovative & Creative Stick Figure Animator

by . February 28th, 2015

Don Hertzfeldt has been making animated shorts by drawing on paper and photographing his work on 16mm or 35mm film cameras before turning to digital.

stick figure animation

He gained a cult-following over the past two decades, especially when his animated short REJECTED (a series of crazy, and absurd commercials), went viral on the internet. It was released in the theaters in 2000 and was nominated for an Oscar.


In 2014, he directed The Simpsons’ most bizzare couch gag yet.

The simpsons
His latest film, World of Tomorrow, won his second Grand Jury Prize for the Sundace Film Festival. “World of Tomorrow” is an adventure through space, time and memory. It follows a young girl named Emily who meets her cloned self for a mind-bending tour of the future.


Dan Schindel, in his review, writes, “There are more big ideas packed into this 16 minute film than there are in most major studios’ entire catalog of science fiction.”

world of tomorrow

Check out the film’s trailer here.

don hertzfeldt

World of Tomorrow will be available on Hertzfeldt’s official site on March 31st.