Eccentric Habits of the Tech Elite

by . December 20th, 2014

We all have our own quirks. Some find solace in 90s music. Some enjoy touching textured objects. Some want their grande coffee in a venti cup.  Whatever your weird habit is, it doesn’t matter as long as your responsibilities are in check and you get your job done just like the folks below.

These technology moguls have confessed–  they too have eccentric habits in order to calm their nerves and become more productive at work. You’ll be surprised with some extremely expensive eccentric habits, as well as the most common and expected ones. Some are closely related to their own products and fields, no wonder they excelled in life. Get to know what Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom buys every year and how Amazon CEO enjoys working backwards.

Design-wise, this infographic has friendly illustrations of the tech elites and their eccentric habits. We can’t get enough of the 45-degree shadow, too! :)

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