Family Portraits by Camilla Catrambone

by . July 8th, 2013

If you are an aspiring photographer, one of the early projects you might have done is photographing family portraits. We commonly depict family portraits as images of happy and smiling faces in a sofa or in a significant corner at home.

However, when Italian photographer Camilla Catrambone thought of doing portraits of her family, she did something out of the norm. She collected different set of personal belongings that best represent each family member and arrange these things in organized compositions, making each photograph a unique portrait of a family member represented by his/her valued things.

Photography by Camilla Catrambone
Family portrait representing Camilla’s mother.

Looking at each portrait brings the viewer into the lives of Camilla’s grandparents, mother and nanny. His grandpa might love woodworking based from the various tools in his portrait. Moreover, the spices and kitchen tools on one of the portraits show that her mother loves cooking.


Photography by Camilla Catrambone

Portrait for Camilla’s grandpa, Antonio

See more of Camilla Catrambone’s photography and artistic works on her official website or by visiting her Behance portfolio.

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