Fan Art Friday – Fictional Logos Compiled by FAUXGO

by . February 22nd, 2013

Stories are driven by different elements – from the characters’ actions to McGuffins whose true purpose are never revealed on-screen or within the story. But apart from the active elements that make up the story, there are also other notable things that make a story interesting, one of these are the fictional logos of companies that either directly or indirectly affects the story.



We probably won’t be able to trace back when or what was the first fictional company that was ever created for a film or video game. But what we can do now is document them, just like what FAUXGO is doing right now.
FAUXGO, a portmanteau of the french word “faux” and “logo”, was initiated by Tymn Armstrong to recreate fictional logos of companies, groups, and other entities that can be seen in television, film, video games, and has crept its way into today’s popular culture.

Here’re a few of what Tymn has recreated:

logo inspiration 01

N7 — a fictional special forces from the Mass Effect video game series.

logo inspiration 2

Shinra Electric Company – a company prominently featured in Squaresoft’s Final Fantasy VII series.

logo inspiration 3

The Dharma Initiative – a fictional research project that primarily deals with fringe science, it was prominently appearing in the Lost TV series.

logo inspiration 4

Paper Street Soap Company – a company featured in the film Fight Club, it was introduced in the film as being owned by Tyler Durden.


Umbrella Corp. – Featured primarily in the video game series Resident Evil.

logo inspiration 6

FOXHOUND – a fictional elite black ops unit of the United States Army that appeared in the Metal Gear video game franchise.

logo inspiration 7

Momcorp – a company prominently featured in the animated TV series Futurama.


These fictional logos from groups and companies have provided an important backstory in their own respective franchises. Although sometimes barely seen throughout the whole run of the TV show or video game, these logos are so well-designed that it can easily be recognizable to someone who has encountered it either on TV or video game.

Check out FAUXGO for more fictional logo inspiration.

Do you know what fictional logo came first into the world? Let us know though the comment section! Stay cool, fellas!