Fan Art Showcase Celebrating 20 Years of Cartoon Network Originals

by . October 3rd, 2012

Most of us grew up with watching our favorite TV shows and as kids, who would not be addicted to watching cartoons? Our own favorite cartoon series had somehow made an impact into our lives not just by bringing us pure fun and entertainment. Some may have been inspired by cartoons to pursue a career in animation while some may use the lessons on their day to day lives.

Talking about cartoons, this month marks the 20th Anniversary Celebration of Cartoon Network (CN), one of the largest cable television networks that primarily airs animated programs for the past 20 years. Way back on the channel’s launch on October 1, 1992, CN had been a primary source of cartoon entertainment as Turner Broadcasting purchased “The Flintstones” and “The Jetsons” and other cartoons from the Hanna-Barbera Library.


20 Years Anniversary of Cartoon Network via YouTheDesigner



Through the years, Cartoon Network had made a mark in bringing cartoons series that appealed both on kids and adults. The network began producing original cartoons in 1994 like “Space Ghost Coast to Coast” and “What A Cartoon!which served as the launching point for other popular CN originals like “Dexter’s Laboratory“, “The Powerpuff Girls“, “Cow and Chicken“, “Courage the Cowardly Dog” and “Johnny Bravo“. The channel is now shown in 360 million households in 175 countries.

As creatives, watching cartoons might have given you some creative inspirations that are still being applied in your projects. It can be a major influence in your artistic style, or just a simple reminder of how things should be done in a fun and creative way. As a part of the celebration, we here at You The Designer have collected some of the wackiest, coolest and most amazing fan art illustrations featuring some of the most memorable CN original cartoons from the past and the present. Enjoy!


Moxy by FunnyJoJoLOL via YouTheDesigner

Moxy by FunnyJoJoLOL | (Source)

Based from the series: “The Moxy Show” | December 1993 – April 2000


Space Ghost by ChemicalAlia via YouTheDesigner

Space Ghost by ChemicalAlia | (Source)

Based from the series: “Space Ghost Coast to Coast” | April 1994 – May 2008


"Dexter is an adorable" hat by albadune via YouTheDesigner

“Dexter is an adorable hat” by albadune | (Source)

Based from the series: “Dexter’s Laboratory” | April 1996 – November 2003


"DEKUSUTAASU RABU" by ToPpeRa-TPR via YouTheDesigner

“DEKUSUTAASU RABU” by ToPpeRa-TPR | (Source)

Based from the series: “Dexter’s Laboratory” | April 1996 – November 2003


Johnny Bravo .:DayByDay: by LadyStarPanda via YouTheDesigner

“Johnny Bravo .:DayByDay:” by LadyStarPanda | (Source)

Based from the series: “Johnny Bravo” | July 1997 – August 2004


Johnny Bravo by sharkkk via YouTheDesigner

“Johnny Bravo” by sharkkk | (Source)

Based from the series: “Johnny Bravo” | July 1997 – August 2004


cow n chicken by hiugo via YouTheDesigner

“cow n chicken” by hiugo | (Source)

Based from the series: “Cow and Chicken” | July 1997 – July 1999


Dancin' I.M. Weasel by weasel-punk via YouTheDesigner

“Dancin’ I.M. Weasel” by weasel-punk | (Source)

Based from the series: “I Am Weasel”  | July 1997 – March 2000


"powerpuff girls" by ~ssgba1380 via YouTheDesigner

“powerpuff girls” by ssgba1380 | (Source)

Based from the series: “The Powerpuff Girls” | November 1998 – March 2005


"Ed, Edd n Eddy" by ~ssgba1380 via YouTheDesigner

“Ed, Edd n Eddy” by ssgba1380 | (Source)

Based from the series: “Ed, Edd n Eddy” | January 1999 – November 2009


"Mike, Lu, and Og. AT" by Myles5592 via YouTheDesigner

“Mike, Lu, and Og. AT” by Myles5592 | (Source)

Based from the series: “Mike, Lu & Og” | November 1999 – August 2000


Courage the Cowardly Dog by Themrock via YouTheDesigner

“Courage the Cowardly Dog” by Themrock | (Source)

 Based from the series: “Courage the Cowardly Dog” | November 1999 – November 2002


"Baah?" by IrishWhistler via YouTheDesigner

“Baah?” by IrishWhistler | (Source)

Based from the series: “Sheep in the Big City” | November 2000 – April 2002


"Time Squad LIVE" by msynowicz via YouTheDesigner

“Time Squad LIVE” by msynowicz | (Source)

Based from the series: “Time Squad” | June 2001 – November 2003


"Samurai Jack" by shaneandhisdog via YouTheDesigner

“Samurai Jack” by shaneandhisdog | (Source)

Based from the series: “Samurai Jack” | August 2001 – September 2004


"The Return of Samurai Jack" by ijul via YouTheDesigner

“The Return of Samurai Jack” by ijul | (Source)

Based from the series: “Samurai Jack” | August 2001 – September 2004


"Jack at it again" by theCHAMBA via YouTheDesigner

“Jack at it again” by theCHAMBA | (Source)

Based from the series: “Samurai Jack” | August 2001 – September 2004


"Evil Mandy" by Mandy-Zim by YouTheDesigner

“Evil Mandy” by Mandy-Zim | (Source)

Based from the series: “Grim & Evil” | August 2001 – October 2002


"robot jones" by Nyaph via YouTheDesigner

“robot jones” by Nyaph | (Source)

Based from the series: “Whatever Happened to… Robot Jones?” |  June 2002 – November 2003


"Kids Next Door" by gabbie via YouTheDesigner

“Kids Next Door” by gabbie | (Source)

Based from the series: “Codename: Kids Next Door” | December 2002 – January 2008


"Grim Adventures" by DragonBile via YouTheDesigner

“Grim Adventures” by DragonBile | (Source)

Based from the series: “The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy” | June 2003 – October 2008


"EVIL CON CARNE" by themico voia YouTheDesigner

“EVIL CON CARNE” by themico | (Source)

Based from the series: “Evil Con Carne” | July 2003 – October 2004


"Star Wars Clone Wars fan art" by jasinmartin via YouTheDesigner

“Star Wars Clone Wars fan art” by jasinmartin | (Source)

Based from the series: “Star Wars: Clone Wars” | November 2003 – March 2005


"The Megas Gang"  by gadren and GUNSTARheroBLUE  via YouTheDesigner

“The Megas Gang”  by gadren and GUNSTARheroBLUE  | (Source)

Based from the series: “Megas XLR” | May 2004 – April 2005


"Imaginary Friends" by Zakeno via YouTheDesigner

“Imaginary Friends” by Zakeno | (Source)

Based from the series: “Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends” | August 2004 – May 2009


"Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi" by Emm456 via YouTheDesigner

“Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi” by Emm456 | (Source)

Based from the series: “Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi” | November 2004 – December 2006


"Juniper and Ray Ray" by J8d via YouTheDesigner

“Juniper and Ray Ray” by J8d | (Source)

Based from the series: “The Life and Times of Juniper Lee” |  May 2005 – April 2007


"Camp Lazlo 02" by rokicza via YouTheDesigner

“Camp Lazlo 02” by rokicza | (Source)

Based from the series: “Camp Lazlo” | July 2005 – March 2008


"My gym partner's a monkey" by themico via YouTheDesigner

“My gym partner’s a monkey” by themico | (Source)

Based from the series: “My Gym Partner’s a Monkey” | December 2005 – November 2008


"Ben and the Complete 10" by henya66 via YouTheDesigner

“Ben and the Complete 10” by henya66 | (Source)

Based from the series: “Ben 10” | 2005 to present


"Ben 10 Ultimatrix" by Kaukauk via YouTheDesigner

“Ben 10 Ultimatrix” by Kaukauk | (Source)

Based from the series: “Ben 10” | 2005 to present


"squirrel boy" by rokicza via YouTheDesigner

“squirrel boy” by rokicza | (Source)

Based from the series: “Squirrel Boy” | May 2006 – September 2007


"Class of 3000 plus Crystal 2" by kelmar2593 via YouTheDesigner

“Class of 3000 plus Crystal 2” by kelmar2593 | (Source)

Based from the series: “Class of 3000” | November 2006 – May 2008


"Chowder" by hot-choc via YouTheDesigner

“Chowder” by hot-choc | (Source)

Based from the series: “Chowder” | November 2007 – August 2010


"Transformers Animated" by bokuman via YouTheDesigner

“Transformers Animated” by bokuman | (Source)

Based from the series: “Transformers: Animated” | December 2007 – May 2009


"Marvelous Misadventures" by Zakeno via YouTheDesigner

“Marvelous Misadventures” by Zakeno | (Source)

Based from the series: “The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack” | June 2008 – August 2010


"Secret Saturdays 1" by cretineb via YouTheDesigner

“Secret Saturdays 1” by cretineb | (Source)

Based from the series: “The Secret Saturdays” | October 2008 – January 2010


"Adventure Time!" by Suihara via YouTheDesigner

“Adventure Time!” by Suihara | (Source)

Based from the series: “Adventure Time” | April 2010 – present


"Generator Rex" by Yufei via YouTheDesigner

“Generator Rex” by Yufei | (Source)

Based from the series: “Generator Rex” | April 2010 – present


"Regular Show" by Lilly95forever via YouTheDesigner

“Regular Show” by Lilly95forever | (Source)

Based from the series: “Regular Show” | September 2010


"SBT- A stroll in the park" by lychi via YouTheDesigner

“SBT- A stroll in the park” by lychi | (Source)

Based from the series: “Sym-Bionic Titan” | September 2010 – April 2011


"My Life as a Teenage Robotomy" by Krystal-the-fox via YouTheDesigner

“My Life as a Teenage Robotomy” by Krystal-the-fox | (Source)

Based from the series: “Robotomy” | October 2010 – January 2011


"nimrods" by edtropolis via YouTheDesigner

“nimrods” by edtropolis | (Source)

Based from the series: “The Amazing World of Gumball” | May 2011 – present


The network’s all month celebration was started by a video presentation featuring some of the most iconic cartoon clips and characters in the past 20 years. Also, the network is having a showcase of 20 of their most popular games based on some of their most successful cartoons and a voting system of random favorites in different categories on their official website.

Another epic video was created by ilovedust which premiered last October 1 featuring an original music by MadDecent and almost every cartoon character that appeared over CN for the past 20 years. The video will be aired throughout the month-long celebration. Check it out below:

Cartoon Network 20th Birthday Music Video from ilovedust on Vimeo.


Which cartoon series of CN you think are most remarkable? Feel free to tell us your thoughts and suggestions by commenting below. Find us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus for more updates. Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog for everyday design news and content. Stay awesome everyone!