Fanart Friday – DeviantArt’s Tomb Raider Reborn

by . March 8th, 2013

The legendary Tomb Raider video game series comes back after a few years of hiatus. The game returns this year with a revamped Lara Croft and a rebooted series, creating a new Tomb Raider continuity. Along with the release of the game, released a contest that calls for members of the community to create their own interpretation of Lara Croft.

The contest calls for DeviantArt artists to draw their inspiration from one of the game’s breathtaking trailers — Tomb Raider “Turning Point”. The trailer features a young Lara Croft aboard the ship, Endurance. The title of the trailer refers to Lara Croft’s “turning point” — from a novice adventurer to a hardened survivor, adventurer, and explorer.

Here are some noteworthy entries from DeviantArt’s Tomb Raider Reborn Contest:


Lara Croft – Survivor by Raph04art


Tomb Raider Reborn by Txusjfuentes


I am Croft by Devilhaunt


Lara Croft by FangWangLin


Tomb Raider Reborn by TamplierPainter


Tomb Raider Reborn by beniek


Tomb Raider Reborn by gabfig


The Fourth Way by aijuxian


Survivor Tomb Raider by thegameworld


Tomb Raider Reborn by Bull2by

The reboot of the Tomb Raider series has garnered critical acclaim — from its aesthetic and gameplay, to the story and overall theme of the new Tomb Raider. We’re hoping for a  more exciting and adrenaline pumping action for the next installation of Tomb Raider!


What do you think of the reboot and major changes in the Tomb Raider series? Let us know through the comments section!


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