Fantastic Art And Where To Find Them Friday: The Technicolor Illustrations of Estela Cuadro

by . July 4th, 2014

Artist creates a fantastic world of prismatic characters through her illustrations.

Estela Cuadro is an artist based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. As a five-year old child, she abandoned classical dance classes to take her first steps as an artist with the encouragement of her parents. Estela took up a graphic design course at the University of Buenos Aires but focused on illustration professionally after graduating.


Estela’s art is mostly surreal and very dreamlike. She loves that her art is not very realistic because she believes that art is where you are completely free to create bizarre images. The imaginary world that she creates is a product of her instinct and her preference to experiment on her work. As a result of her “unconscious” way of illustrating, a recurring characteristic in her illustrations is the overlapping of colors that sometimes creates a beautiful “dark fairy tale” effect.

[pullquote]…There are two stages in each of my pictures: The first one goes hand-in-hand with rational thinking and the other one is established through the fortuitous, intuitive part of the creative process, which is also instantaneous…[/pullquote]


Estela uses different media such as: acrylic, watercolor, pencil, charcoal, India ink, and oil paint.

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She is currently working on Wuau! with “unique and illustrative” products.

Check out more of Estela Cuadro’s work on her website and you can also follow her on Facebook or Tumblr.