Featured Artist: Amazing Illustrations of David Habben

by . September 2nd, 2012

The world of Illustration either traditional or digital is one of the best places to seek inspiration from. What’s amazing is that illustrators are not just merely creative, they have this amazing talent in transforming dots, lines and shapes into amazing pieces of art by using their bare hands. Having said this, let us take a peek on the illustration world by bringing you one talented artist as a part of our very first “featured artist” series. Folks, let me bring you the works of illustrator, David Habben.

David Habben’s Illustration for Salt Lake Magazine (Source)


Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, David has established a rewarding career as an Illustrator for different projects and art engagements. He’s both working as traditional and digital artist. A laptop connected to an external monitor, a wacom tablet and various inspirations from his faith, friends and family are David’s major tools of the trade. He started getting paid at an early age of 16 and decided to pursue his illustration career.


Illustrator David Habben. Photo by Anne Cummings


David’s creative works are characterized by vivid details, conceptual, sometimes editorial in nature and surrealistic. These are shown on various projects he did for Magazines and other collaborations. Lets take a look at some of those including some random awesomeness from his fun-filled portfolio.


Contribution to the annual Art Meets Fashion show in Salt Lake City, UT


Religious artwork based on David’s personal faith.


Editorial Illustration for BYU Magazine



Worship Skateboard Triptych


A page from his 2011 Sketchbook


A work from his “Shapes of Conscious” series.


A work from his “Shapes of Conscious” series.


Illustration for “Beloved” Comic Book.

Check out more of David’s wonderful pieces on his website. Check his interview as this month’s featured artist at UCreative Spotlight. Feel free to tell us your thoughts about our featured artist by commenting below and might as well suggest some artists you know and wanted us to feature them in the future. Find us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus for more updates. Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog for everyday design news and content.