Featured Artist: The Beautiful Realistic Portraits by Jennifer Healy

by . October 28th, 2013

The style in between line art and realism. This is how US – based artist Jennifer Healy describes her work. She started as a “doodler” and her love for sketching during high school days pushed her to establish a career in both digital and traditional illustration. Her works which are characterized by soft textures and beautiful line art with a touch of realism are commonly focusing on subjects like women portraits, natural elements and everything else in between.

Jennifer Healy

Jennifer never had a formal degree in the arts. She molded her sense of artistic style through the years by attending small art workshops combined with her passion and love for her craft. We got the chance to talk to Jennifer in a short interview below sharing a piece of her artistic career, creative process and why passion not necessarily formal education is the key!

 Jennifer Healy

[pullquote]Keep going! Your passion is key. It is very important to remember why you started creating in the first place.[/pullquote]

YTD:  Hi Jennifer, welcome to You The Designer! Tell us something about you and your creative work.

JENNIFER: Hi! I am a traditional and digital artist. I’ve been focusing on traditional arts since February of this year. It’s been great.


YTD: How would you describe to us your style in illustration?

JENNIFER: I’d say it’s somewhere between realism and stylism. I love line-art and I love realism so I wanted to find ways to combine the two. I always start out with my line-art and then fill it in.


Jennifer Healy


YTD: Tell us a short background how did you discover your love for drawing.

JENNIFER: When I was a little girl I discovered an artist who specialized in surrealism. She sparked a fire inside of me. Ever since then I couldn’t stop doodling.


YTD: How do you usually start your day?

JENNIFER: I am not a morning person, so very slowly. I start with coffee, some inspiration, and some motivation before beginning my commissions of the day.


Jennifer Healy


YTD: Who or what are your creative inspirations? What do you usually do to stay inspired?

JENNIFER: The internet is full of creative sources. It’s important to stay connected to any art community to see what other’s are creating. It’s completely inspiring.


YTD: Share us your creative process. From where do you start?

JENNIFER: I start with a feeling. I block everything else out. Any outside noises or stress. I don’t always have an exact picture inside my head when I start. I sort of let the picture take on it’s own form as I go along.


Jennifer Healy


YTD: What are your tools? Describe to us your workplace.

JENNIFER: For digital I use Photoshop and a Cintiq tablet. For Traditional I use Faber-Castell polychromos, and sometimes Panpastels on Stonehenge paper. My workplace is a bit hectic atm. I’m in-between studios.


Jennifer Healy


YTD:  Most of your subjects are women portraits with a touch of nature. Any specific reason(s) why chose this theme?

JENNIFER: Women are beautiful. And so is nature. It’s simple really.


Jennifer Healy


YTD: Which among your illustrations you consider most memorable?

JENNIFER: I would say my dream catcher piece has been the most recognizable so far.


Jennifer Healy


YTD: Traditional or digital?

JENNIFER: Both! I enjoy both worlds. They each have their own unique strengths and wonders.


YTD: How do you usually spend your free time?

JENNIFER: With my family.


Jennifer Healy


YTD: If you are not an illustrator today, what would have been your work and why?

JENNIFER: I have no idea. I can’t possibly see it any other way to be honest.


YTD: A piece of advice to aspiring illustrators out there.

JENNIFER: Keep going! Your passion is key. It is very important to remember why you started creating in the first place.


Jennifer Healy


YTD: Any upcoming event/exhibit/shop you would like to promote?

JENNIFER: I am currently selling originals and prints via my shop here.


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