Featured Artist: The Peaceful Photography of Akos Major

by . August 15th, 2013

Photography is one of the most effective sources of creative inspiration. And as a creative field, it comes in various styles and themes. There are photographs that are good enough to be used in advertising, print and other media. However, there are those which are just taken for self expression, capturing a rare moment or just for the purpose of inspiring and evoking thoughts and emotions from the audience. For YTD’s latest featured artist, we will take an in-depth look in the career of a professional photographer from Hungary whose works are characterized by simplicity and peaceful themes.

Meet Ákos Major, a freelance graphic designer and photographer whose peaceful photographs and simplistic and minimalist techniques have caught our attention. The Hungarian photographer utilizes landscapes, cityscapes and common objects as subjects captured in the most simplistic technique and creating a peaceful and relaxing ambiance.

Stay | Akos Major Photography


Believe in what you do. Feedback is important, but shoot for yourself, not for the audience. Most importantly, not for success.

YTD got the chance to get in touch with Ákos talking about his career in photography, creative process and inspirations. Be inspired and check out the interview below.

Akos Major

YTD: Hi Ákos, welcome to You The Designer! How are you and how’s Hungary?

AKOS: Hi, fine, thanks. Actually I’m spending more time in Vienna, Austria now. Hungary had better days if you ask me.

YTD: Tell us something about you and your creative work.

AKOS: I’m a 38 year old photographer, graduated in 2001 from Moholy-Nagy University of Arts and Design (MOME) in Budapest, Hungary with a degree of Visual Communications. I started to take photographs in 2008 with a DSLR, now I use medium format film cameras. 

Waterscapes | Akos Major Photography


YTD: How would you describe your style in photography?

AKOS: It’s changing. I’m switching between mediums as well, until I find the one that fits the best. I’m still exploring, don’t want to photograph the same subjects in the same style, over and over again, as a routine. 


Woods | Akos Major Photography



YTD: Tell us a short background how did you discover your love for photography.

AKOS: I was working at an Ad-Agency for ten years as a graphic designer, photography started out as a hobby for me. I had the need to do something else besides the graphic work. I picked up my camera on the autumn weekends and went for long walks around Lake Balaton. I enjoyed it very much. Far from the fuss and the city, it was really something I wanted to do. It never changed.


Lumen | Akos Major Photography



YTD: What is a typical shooting day for you?

AKOS: There’s no such a typical day. Ideally I’m alone when I shoot and I have time to observe and getting in the mood. But unfortunately, I don’t always have that convenience. I hate the rush, but sometimes I just don’t have time for setting up and shoot still.


Urban | Akos Major Photography



For example, my last trip to the States was a rush – driving 5000 kilometers in ten days – but I had to shoot, because who knows when will I be there again. Several times I just jumped out of the car, engines on, took a picture, and hit the the road again.


Seattle, WA | Akos Major Photography

Seattle, WA


It was a beautiful road-trip, after all. But to tell you a good one, also: I was photographing the  German coastline, I had nothing else to do, only to shoot. I travelled there only because of this, I could walk around all day. It was great. And when I’m at home in Hungary, I’m never in a hurry when I visit Lake Balaton. That place heals me.


Lake Balaton, Hungary | Akos Major Photography

Lake Balaton, Hungary


YTD: Share us your creative process. From where do you start?

AKOS: I start a project by thinking on locations – where do I want to go to shoot, what can I afford. Again, ideally it’s a photoshoot and not a tourist trip. There are two significant factors: location and weather. Then, shooting is the best part, of course, especially if I have time and I can shoot in my own rhythm.


Stay | Akos Major Photography



I like the processing stage also, you can relive it again, discover new things maybe you didn’t realize when you take the pictures.


Island | Akos Major Photography



YTD: What are your tools? Can you share us some information about your photography equipment and workplace?

AKOS: I have a Hasselblad 503CW with two lenses. I also use a Mamiya7 which I love very much. Using these mechanical cameras is a pleasure.

I believe cameras have not got any better, they just have gotten more convenient.


Woods | Akos Major Photography



I still have my Canon 5dMkll at home. I used it for four years, a great one, also. A workhorse. I shoot film now, and I have a badass digital back, too. I scan the negatives myself at home. For fine-tunig, I use Photoshop or Capture One. 


Island | Akos Major Photography



YTD: What are your creative inspirations? What do you usually do to stay inspired?

AKOS: Bookstores, exhibitions and browsing the Internet for photographers. Getting inspired is much more easy than it was decades ago – thanks to the Internet. It has the bright side as well as I hate things about it. And music, of course, and bad weather – it’s really inspiring for me. 


WTR2CPS | Akos Major Photography



YTD: Which among your projects you consider most memorable?

AKOS: Every one of them has its memories and experiences. I loved to shoot in Iceland, it was one of my first attempts with photography, though. And we had only three days there. But it’s totally different from every other place I visited. Shooting Scotland was a nightmare, it was raining all day, all week. I have only a few ‘dry’ pictures from there.


Jokulsarlon Island | Akos Major Photography

Jokulsarlon Island


YTD: Any places you wish to visit for your next photography sessions?

AKOS: It’s been always Japan and Greenland. 


Paks, Hungary | Akos Major Photography

Paks, Hungary


YTD: How do you usually spend your free time?

AKOS: Travelling, mostly. Light or planned vacation, no matter – love to be on the road. Love biking as well, I just had an accident a day before, the results are some broken bones in my shoulder. I didn’t fell since I was a child, I feel nostalgic now ; -)


Eastward | Akos Major Photography



YTD: If you are not a photographer today, what would have been your work and why?

 AKOS: I would work as a graphic designer, since that is my profession. But in another universe it would probably be something with animals or music.


Urban | Akos Major Photography



YTD: Give us 3 important lessons you learned in terms of photography.

AKOS: Ok, these are not advices, just some thoughts from me.

Don’t switch lenses often. Knowing a fixed lens is fun and it’s rewarding.


Highlands | Akos Major Photography


A good tripod is much more important than it seems.


Still | Akos Major Photography


Believe in what you do. Feedback is important, but shoot for yourself, not for the audience. Most importantly, not for success.


Alps, Austria | Akos Major Photography

Alps, Austria


Check out more of Ákos’ photography in his official website or by visiting his Behance portfolio.

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