Featured Artist: The Sophisticated Typography Work by Jackson Alves

by . February 24th, 2014

We here at YTD love typography as much as we enjoy looking at projects showcasing lettering and calligraphy. And for our latest featured artist, we will be showcasing the work of another graphic designer who is mainly focused in typography.

Meet Jackson Alves, the one man creative force behind Custom Types from Brazil which has been doing typographic work for various agencies and magazines and has been wowing the creative industry with his decorative lettering and sophisticated calligraphy styles.


(c) Jackson Alves

YTD got the chance to talk to Jackson sharing his creative process, tools and inspirations. Check out the short interview below.

[pullquote]Follow what you love, work for pleasure and seek perfection on what you choose.[/pullquote]

(c) Jackson Alves

YTD: Hi Jackson, welcome to You The Designer! How’s your day so far?

JACKSON: Nice as usual. Thanks for asking me.

YTD: Tell us something about you and your creative work.

JACKSON: So, my name is Jackson, I’m a letterer, calligrapher and teacher, based in Curitiba, south of Brazil.


(c) Jackson Alves

YTD: Give us a short background how did you discover your love for typography.

JACKSON: I always loved typographic compositions, but when I started reading books about typography then I fall in love with it, mainly when I read “Elements of Typographic Style” by Robert Bringhurst.

YTD: What pushed you to finally pursue a career in graphic design?

JACKSON: What a lot of people does, I love illustration and because of this I thought that graphic design would be the best choice.


(c) Jackson Alves

YTD: How do you usually start your day?

JACKSON: Practicing calligraphy.

YTD: What are your creative inspirations? What do you usually do to stay inspired?

JACKSON: Follow creative persons and artists that I admire.


(c) Jackson Alves

YTD: Share us your creative process. From where do you start?

JACKSON: Always researching about styles, and sketching a lot on paper, just rough. When I reach some pieces I like, I try more elaborate sketches on that way and go on.


(c) Jackson Alves

YTD: What are your tools? Describe to us your workplace.

JACKSON: I have my computer on the left side of my table and a great space to draw/calligraphy on paper on the right side, along with my pens, brushes and inks. Beside my desk I have a blackboard when I practice lettering and at back of my chair is a large roll of paper to practice calligraphy on the wall.


(c) Jackson Alves

(c) Jackson Alves

YTD: So aside from being a designer, you also teach calligraphy and lettering in some workshops. How was it going so far?

JACKSON: I love teaching. I teach on a university and my workshops are a way to teach a specific activity on several cities of my country (I hope on other countries soon) and know nice people. On my workshop I’m teaching my way of being create with custom lettering.


(c) Jackson Alves

YTD: Who is your creative hero?

JACKSON: I have some people I admire such as Luca Barcellona, Claudio Gil, John Stevens, Erik Marinovich and other (most of then calligraphy masters).


(c) Jackson Alves

YTD: Many are confused about this. For you what is the difference between FONT and TYPEFACE?

JACKSON: Font is the final product, the software, a file you use. If you talk about font you’re talking about a TTF, OTF file. Typeface is about the design of the letter, about the style.


(c)Jackson Alves

YTD: Traditional or digital?

JACKSON: Both. One needs the other.


The OcType – Orange Octopus
from jackson alves on Vimeo.
YTD: Share to us some of your random favorites:

TV SHOW: I don’t like TV so much, I prefer watch a movie.
BOOK: The Elements of Typographic Style, Robert Bringhurst
FOOD: Barbecue, for sure.
BAND/SINGER: 2 Pac, The Notorious B.I.G. and all of the old school hip-hop.
FONT: TheSis, by Lucas de Groot
VACATION SPOT: My parents’ house and beach.


(c) Jackson Alves

YTD: How do you usually spend your free time?

JACKSON: Playing with my daughters and practicing calligraphy and lettering.

YTD: If you are not a type designer today, what would have been your work and why?

JACKSON: Maybe a cartoonist, because I already was and I like doing it.


(c) Jackson Alves

YTD: A piece of advice to aspiring designers out there.

JACKSON: Follow what you love, work for pleasure and seek perfection on what you choose.

YTD: Thanks Jackson for spending some time with us! Anything you’d like to promote? Or places where we can check out more of your work?

JACKSON: You can check these channels that I always update: Behance, Facebook and Instagram.


(c) Jackson Alves

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