Pictures of Flowers that’ll Tug at Your Heartstrings

by . April 18th, 2011

A flower is relatively small… Still in a way-nobody sees a flower-so I said to myself-I’ll paint it big. ~ Georgia O’Keefe

Flowers make the world a more colorful place to live in. Literally. They can transform gloomy places into that of cheer. In some cases, it can soften even the hardest of hearts. One thing is for sure, flowers has become one of the most inspiring objects nature has bestowed us with.

In this post, we feature a few of nature’s finest pictures, a short collection of nature photography that we sincerely hope that you’d love as much as we did. You can also follow the people who took time to share these splendid pictures of flowers with the world by clicking on the images’ respective links. Also, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Alien Flower

alien flower
by: HAL-2oo6
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Sad Flower

sad flower
by: lavender1992
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Flower in May

flower in may
by: WhiteSpiritWolf
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Ona Flower

ona flower
by: CasheeFoo
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by: Sed-rah-Stock
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Cherry Flower

cherry flower
by: SilentFalls
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Orange Flower

orange flower
by: crazyal154
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by: Photo
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Lotus Beautiful Flower

lotus-beautiful flower
by: Easa Shamih
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Flower Book

flower book
by: jocosity
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Square Edition Fire Flower

square edition fire flower
by: Mimado
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Pink Tree Flower

pink tree flower
by: jactaylor
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The Flower

the flower
by: PoisonousKitten
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For Flower Lovers Only!

for flower lovers only
by: basilly
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Night Flower

night flower
by: ciasteckoowa
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Once upon a Pink Flower

once upon a pink flower
by: CreativeSteam
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flower 1
by: Bandar Yousef
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Deep Blue Perfume

deep blue perfume
by: archanN
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Blue Flower 2

blue flower 2
Aby: RichardRobert
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Una Flor

una flor
by: santapolero
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Flower 1

flower 2
by: shebid
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by: `failingjune
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Flower 2

flower 3
by: Andrzej92
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Flower 3

flower 4
by: Sed-rah-Stock
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by: Alexandria.Bailey Photograph
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Purple Flower

purple flower
by: Jaccob-McKay
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Red Flower

red flower
by: BlueColoursOfNature
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Sophisticated Flower

sophisticated flower
by: Ay4nami-R3i
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by: Santosh
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