Game of Thrones Transit Maps

by . August 9th, 2014

Graphic designer produced detailed rail transit maps of Westeros and the rest of the Known World from the fictional universe of “Game of Thrones”.

Michael Tyznik, branding genius and awesome graphic designer, created transit maps for A Song of Ice and Fire‘s Westeros including the whole Known World. The design is influenced by the awe-inspiring works of Cameron Booth, who is noted for his transit maps of locations across the United States of America.

The maps are extremely detailed, showing multiple rail lines that start from King’s Landing going to The Eyrie, Winterfell up to Castle Black. It also details both rail and ferry lines going beyond Westeros to Essos.

During the production of the design, Tyznik wanted to be accurate along with the events that happened in the series so far. The X’s on the map indicates inoperative stations along the rail lines.

In case you didn’t know, there are other fantasy-based transit maps out there – “Doctor Who timeline as a tube map“, Middle-earth’s “There And Back Again“, and “Bay Area Rapid Transit Map – Mario Kart Style“. We must say that Tyznik’s version is one of the best in terms of aesthetics.





You can purchase the print designs through Inprint here (Westeros) and here (The Known World).

source: Find your stop on ‘Game of Thrones’ subway maps – CNET

(all images via Game of Thrones transit maps — Michael Tyznik)

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