Philographics: When Philosophy meets Graphic Design

by . April 28th, 2013

One goal of design is to simplify a brand or object making it available for everyone. This is specially the case if you are dealing with some thing so complex that it involves hundreds if not thousands of words to explain.

One great example of this is Genis Carreras’ design work Philographics wherein he collected all these complex philosophical theories and stripping it to down to their very essence. Using a variety of shapes and lush color with a little bit of text he creates this simple and yet effective explanations of the various philosophical theories.

The set started a year ago with only 24 posters. Fast track to today, Philographics has over 70 designs. This amazing set features the distinct Swiss graphic design style which Carreras admittedly loves so much. Swiss design is essentially minimalist but it has the impeccable precision and finish. We would like to dabble on that topic but for now let us check out Genis Carreras’ amazing work.




Just recently Carreras lunched a Kickstarter campaign for his Philographics project. Backers will have the chance to own a postcard box set with the book. As of this writing the campaign is at £27,509 which is above their £15,000 goal. Currently the project has 26 more days enough time to still back this awesome project.

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