Iconic Images featuring Troopers from Star Wars

by . October 24th, 2012

Most photography enthusiasts today create long time projects featuring a series of images like self portraits, cityscapes or just random shots from their daily activities.  Like the concept behind an illustrator’s sketchbook or a writer’s journal, a photo series is a great avenue to showcase not just the artistic medium but the stories behind each captured moment. We oftentimes see amazing captures of natural subjects or portraits in most photo series while some manage to bend their style over the common trend in such projects in photography. One amazing example is David Eger.

Photography has been David’s passion as far as he can remember which most probably drive him to become a teacher in Visual Arts and Non Traditional Visual Arts including Photography. Last year, he created something really awesome from the hopes of fulfilling his 2011 New Year’s resolution of making more and more photos. The project is called 365 Days of Clones which  eventually became a hit over Flickr.


"Troopers Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima"  - Photography by David Eger

“Troopers Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima”


Troopers Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima Set Up

Set up for “Troopers Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima”

365 Days of Clones was his daily project last year which is basically taking a photo every single day starring not himself but the Clone Troopers from the popular movie franchise, Star Wars. The project began last January 1, 2011 until December 31, 2011. But because of its rising popularity, he decided to continue the concept which is now an ongoing sets of projects called “52  Weeks of Star Wars“, “Cloned Photos” and the “365 (Alternative) Days of Clones“. The unique thing about it is that each photo is more than just a random idea of photographing inanimate objects. Some photos relate to historical events or images, some relate to what “day” it is and some features the Troopers just fooling around with other characters and objects.

And to give you an awesome journey towards the year when Troopers ruled the world in photography, we have collected some of the most iconic images that David created for this amazing projects. Enjoy!


"A Royal Kiss" - Photography by David Eger

“A Royal Kiss”


"Valentines Day"  - Photography by David Eger

“Valentine’s Day”


"Trooper vs. Trooper" -  - Photography by David Eger

“Trooper vs. Trooper”


"C.T. Clone Trooper"  - Photography by David Eger

“C.T. Clone Trooper”


"One Small Step"  - Photography by David Eger

“One Small Step”


"Last Supper"  - Photography by David Eger

“Last Supper”


"Abbey Road"  - Photography by David Eger

“Abbey Road”


"The Cloned Kiss" - Photography by David Eger

“The Cloned Kiss”


"Tank Trooper or The Unknown Trooper"  - Photography by David Eger

“Tank Trooper or The Unknown Trooper”


"Bohemian Clone Rhapsody" - Photography by David Eger

“Bohemian Clone Rhapsody”


"Happy Mother's Day" - Photography by David Eger

“Happy Mother’s Day”


"Vitruvian Trooper" - Photography by David Eger

“Vitruvian Trooper”


"Dancing with Stars Wars" - Photography by David Eger

“Dancing with Stars Wars”


"Election Day" - Photography by David Eger

“Election Day”


"Trooper of Liberty" - Photography by David Eger

“Trooper of Liberty”


"Thriller"- Photography by David Eger



"Imagine"- Photography by David Eger



"Happy Birthday Google"- Photography by David Eger

“Happy Birthday Google”


"Steve Jobs 1955-2011"- Photography by David Eger

“Steve Jobs 1955-2011”


"Saint Nicholas?"- Photography by David Eger

“Saint Nicholas?”



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