Interesting Art of Max Zorn, You’ll Never Believe What They’re Made Out Of

by . July 22nd, 2014

Amsterdam street artist Max Zorn has a talent that you have never seen before. It’s the talent of making incredible art using stuff in our home and office. His main material? Brown Packaging tape. This idea of using tape instead of a paint came from Max’s friend who was working in a car design. Mark said “These guys often use slim tapes to outline their ideas on large boards. I was surprise to see how fast they could create stunning sketches with it. ” Since then, Mark Zorn started showing his talents making this packaging tape art by decorating old street lamps which you can find everywhere in Amsterdam. It’s the perfect medium to experiment, because of its golden glow.









“The idea to work with tape instead of paint was inspired by a friend who worked as an auto engineer who used tape to outline ideas on large boards. Using light as a medium struck during a nightly run through Amsterdam. The old street lamps and their golden hue seemed perfect for an open gallery for a modified tape art design. The installation was very simple. All that’s needed is flexible acrylic glass, brown translucent tape, and a cutter.”

Mark Khaisman 2







Are you amazed? It’s really cool right? That’s why I included a video of him making one of packing tape masterpiece below. Enjoy!


You can see more of his packing tape art on his website and you can also follow him on Twitter if you want updates of his upcoming projects.

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