Logos in Motion by Ion Lucin

by . April 6th, 2014

Ion Lucin is a Spain-based animator and illustrator. He is studying Fine Arts (specializing in Graphic Design) in Bilbao, Spain. As a student, he always wants to be different. Even though he chose graphic design as his field of specialization, Ion started to dwell and play in the world of animation, motion graphics and 3D. Currently, he describes his portfolio as a combination of fine arts, graphic design, motion design and 3D animation.

He produces 3D animated short graphics like “Spherikal“, an exploration of all the possibilities of graphically representing a sphere,

and “Displaced“, a project where he starts from a simple square and then he displaces or dissects it into several parts in such a way that letters form between the negative and positive spaces.

Aside from Motion Graphics, Ion also has several projects focused on Graphic Design and Typography like “Minim Font“, a typographic experiment where he challenged himself to remove some parts of a letter or number but still maintaining it’s legibility.


Featured below are some spectacular animated logo designs created by Ion Lucin on his “Logo Vol 01” project. It is a series of logos created using Maxon Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects. With their minimal yet complicated designs, these logos will definitely entertain and inspire your creative minds.

In Ion Lucin’s own words, his designs are:

[pullquote]Minimal, concentrated, rational design. Simple, yet complicated. Less, but better.[/pullquote]

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And here’s Ion Lucin’s animated personal logo


You may see more of these logos in motion on Behance and follow the artist on Facebook, Vimeo, deviantART, Pinterest, and Dribble if you want to keep yourself updated with all his projects and work in progress.

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