Lovely Flower Petal Art by Zhi Wei

by . August 2nd, 2014

Zhi Wei, also known as Limzy, is a Malaysian visual artist  who uses flower petals (arranged as gowns or skirts) to make adorable and unique artworks. Her whimsical flower artworks started on Instagram, back when she was still an art teacher. She lacked time, energy and light to paint big paintings everyday after work. That’s how she ended up with various little things found in her room (e.g. flower petals) as subjects of her artworks.


Zhi Wei 12    Zhi Wei 8 Zhi Wei 7 Zhi Wei 6

Many Instagram users started following her work – that was then featured in different websites and magazines like Mayhem Magazine Australia, Push Culture, Uncertain Magazine Singapore and Push Culture.

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“I thought a rose looks like a girl’s puffy dress. So I pressed some rose petals between books, and made her a bookmark with a girl wearing a rose dress. And she loves it!”

For the love of art, Limzy organizes some workshops where she teach people who are interested in creating illustrations using things you would not think that can be created as an art. Her Series of Flower girls will be expanding this 2014 so stay tuned on her website, Facebook and Instagram for updates.

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