Minimalist and Literal Movie Posters

by . May 29th, 2014

An artist redesigned movie posters that take their titles quite seriously and literally.

Danish Ahmed is a minimalist illustrator based in Mumbai, India. He is the creative behind the series of movie posters literally interpreted through their titles. The idea of the project came up to him while he was looking at Martin Scorsese’s “The Wolf of Wall Street” movie poster and wondered how it would like if it showed an “actual wolf in Wall Street”.

wall of street

He then collected several movies and interpreted their posters using minimalist illustrations that literally depict their movie titles. Each design is both clever and hilarious, but it also makes a viewer curious to see these several movies in their literal form.

The series is a creative approach that cuts away from the “Hollywood blockbuster formula” movie poster design.

a good day to die harn a team after earth avatr gravity iron man 3 kick ass life of pi man of steel milk salt saw 3d source code the grey this is the end this means war transformers

See Danish Ahmed’s portfolio on Behance for more of his works.

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All images via Literal Movie Posters on Behance