Lovely Packaging Design by Mucca for Whole Foods

by . April 5th, 2014

How do you pay homage to an infamous city that will go well along your branding? This is the question that the New York-based design agency Mucca asked themselves when they are creating a packaging design and signage system for Whole Foods Market that was opened in Brooklyn, NY.

With the opening of Whole Foods Market (which is Texas-born organic market) back in December 2013 at Brooklyn, it was no easy task to create a packaging design system as well a signage system that would retain the Texas brand but give a unique Brooklyn flavor. Enter Mucca, a New York-based award-winning creative firm to create a comprehensive branding system for the Whole Foods Market in Brooklyn.

packaging design

In order to build a design that embodies Whole Foods’ commitment to high-quality handcrafted products for the company’s flagship store in Gowanus, Mucca developed an entirely new design system for their client. With Whole Foods introducing new products on a daily basis, Mucca decided to create a design that is flexible enough to fit a whole range of container types and signage platforms. Add to that they have to create the system simple enough for regional reproduction.

packaging design

The package design for Whole Foods uses a customized version of Shift created by Jeremy Mickel and Halsey Bold made by Joshua Darden for the design’s main typefaces. The chosen typeface sits perfectly well with the whole handmade vibe that is set by Whole Foods. The text for the packaging are placed in a clean white background, this combination very much sets the focus onto typeface and to what it is saying. Mucca was also tasked to create a whole slew of graphical assets for Whole Food’s signage systems. Just like Mucca’s design on the packaging, simplicity plays in for the signage system, they did this because they want it to be able to perform just as well in chalk boards when applied to floor-to-ceiling windows by Whole Foods’ team.

packaging design

The package design and signage system made by Mucca was very well received by Whole Foods customers when it was launched in the new Whole Foods Brooklyn Flagship store. What do you guys think? Do you love or hate the designs? Tell us more at the comments below! Check out the other works of Mucca here!