Awesome Pictogram Poster Design of Famous Bands

by . May 1st, 2014

Whether you are a graphic designer or not if you are a true fan of rock music then get your brains ready to work and guess the names of the bands in today’s feature about poster design.

Fans of rock music would be sure to enjoy this collection amazing poster design by a Spain-based graphic design studio Tata&Friends. The design studio considers themselves as the design muscle for positive brands. Other than that they also believe about the process, research, experiments, curiosity and positive thinking as well. Which is why after doing research on icons, the team has decided to make an awesome tribute to the bands that they love. Enter the “Literal Rock Band Icons” is a collection of 24 minimalist poster designs that takes band names and literally illustrating them into pictograms.

We highly suggest that you test your rock knowledge and scroll downwards carefully and try to guess the name of the band before the answer is revealed at the bottom of the poster.

Without much further ado let’s check out this cool collection poster designs of famous bands by design studio Tata & Friends.


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According to their website the posters will be on sale soon which is why if you are planning to get one then better save up. If you want to see more works by Tata & Friends just head over here.

How did you guys do? Were you able to guess all the bands or just a couple of it? Tell us how many bands were you able to name at the comments below! Don’t forget to check out our Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest for more awesome design inspirations!