Propaganda Posters Part 2: Russian War Posters

by . July 16th, 2008

In our first part of the series we covered propaganda posters of the U.S.A and in part two we will cover Russian war posters from many different periods of Russian history! Russian war posters mainly fall into 5 different periods including the Bolshevik Era (1917-1921), the New Economic Policy (1921-1927), First and Second Five Year Plans (1928-1937), Great Patriotic War (1939-1945), and the Cold War (1946-1984).

Russian War Posters

During these periods of time the Russian propaganda posters were used for a variety of reasons including promoting and building optimism for a new Russian society, eliminating illiteracy and even improving health care. The posters were also used by Lenin and Stalin to promote political agendas; for instance using the posters to attack their political opponents.

Artists of the time struggled over the constant battle between their own opinions and and what the government wanted them to show in their posters. Propaganda is still commonly used today, but the internet and television tends to be a much more valuable medium nowadays.

russian-war-posters-1.jpg russian-war-posters-2.jpg russian-war-posters-3.jpg
russian-war-posters-4.jpg russian-war-posters-5.jpg russian-war-posters-6.jpg
russian-war-posters-7.jpg russian-war-posters-8.jpg russian-war-posters-9.jpg
russian-war-posters-10.jpg russian-war-posters-11.jpg russian-war-posters-12.jpg
russian-war-posters-13.jpg russian-war-posters-14.jpg russian-war-posters-15.jpg
russian-war-posters-16.jpg russian-war-posters-17.jpg russian-war-posters-18.jpg
russian-war-posters-19.jpg russian-war-posters-20.jpg russian-war-posters-21.jpg


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