You! Be Inspired! – Realistic Pokemon Illustrations by RJ Palmer

by . September 9th, 2013

What if Pokemons are real and sometime walked the Earth many million years ago? Freelance illustrator and concept artist from California, RJ Palmer has depicted this possibility in his amazing series of illustrations featuring some of our favorite Pokemons with a more realistic spin.

RJ loves dinosaurs which explains why his Pokemon illustrations are referenced from the forms and looks of prehistoric dinosaurs we all are familiar with. Popularly known as “Arvalis” in his DeviantART account, RJ manages to fuse the characteristics of dinosaurs and the world of cute Pokemons as re-imagined bad-ass prehistoric creatures using Photoshop.

Scroll down below to see some of our favorites from his collection or browse through his DA gallery for more. Enjoy!


Charizard | Illustration by RJ Palmer

Charizard (Source)

Blastoise | Illustration by RJ Palmer

Blastoise (Source)

Venusaur | Illustration by RJ Palmer

Venusaur (Source)

Nidoking | Illustration by RJ Palmer

Nidoking (Source)

Mewtwo | Illustration by RJ Palmer

Mewtwo (Source)

Arcanine | Illustration by RJ Palmer

Arcanine (Source)

Dragonite | Illustration by RJ Palmer

Dragonite (Source)

Scyther | Illustration by RJ Palmer

Scyther (Source)

Garchomp | Illustration by RJ Palmer

Garchomp (Source)

Gengar | Illustration by RJ Palmer

Gengar (Source)

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Which Pokemon spin you like the most? Tell us your thoughts and suggestions by commenting below.

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