Wine Packaging Inspired by the Simpsons and Piet Mondrian Goes Against the Packaging Norms

by . July 25th, 2014

Maybe it’s wine or maybe not but one thing is for sure, combining Homer and Marge Simpson with Piet Mondrian to create for a wine packaging is lovely.

Needless to say, great packaging design helps elicit emotional response towards the product and not to mention to the brand itself. Not only that but packaging design also helps with regards to customer loyalty. This is why many brands use tried and tested formulas to in their packaging and try not to do extremely revolutionary. Now, what would happen if you throw those practices out of the window? This is what Constantin Bolimond and Dmity Patsukevich tried by making a lovely wine packaging design.


Russian designers Bolimond and Patsukevich collaborated to create the Wine, Or Maybe Not? An intriguing packaging design for a wine since it goes against all the norms of packaging most specially the case of wine labels which has it’s own set of rules. The design is inspired by the Simpsons and Dutch painter Piet Mondrian.


The reason behind for choosing Marge and Homer is because the wine was made way back in 1987 which coincidentally the same date the Simpsons was first aired. The overall aesthetic was inspire by Piet Mondrian’s minimalistic work and use of bold colors in contrast to black and white.


What is interesting is that the whole packaging deviates from the usual template that most wines use. The Simpsons-Mondrian inspired design only shows the date when the wine is made, volume, the alcohol content and a cheeky copy asking wine connoisseurs to try the wine.


The copy states that it could be a wine or not and the contents has been kept secret for almost three decades. The whole packaging wraps around the bottle covering the whole thing which adds an air of mystery since one wouldn’t know if it’s a white wine or a red wine.


Below is an diagram of the wine label regulation that are required by the US Alcohol and Tobacco and Trade Bureau:

Source: EnoViti

What do you guys think? Does the Simpson-Mondrian wine packaging inspire you? Are you adventurous enough to try it? Do not forget to check out Bolimond and Patsukevich’s other works. Share your thoughts at the comments below!