Studio Spotlight – Homeostatic

by . October 6th, 2007 is a web design firm with a radical new approach to web design. A visit to the site gives you an experience that you will rarely encounter on the web. This site is not only interactive, but you get an incredible sense of the environment.

Being that this site is so interactive, it doesn’t even feel like a website. You begin to explore everything around you and work with objects in the environment to see what they will do. pushes the boundaries of web design to include aspects of architecture, film and cognitive science to make a truly unforgettable experience. Although the site has not been updated in a while, I hear that Art Director Patrick Marckesano and Swedish photographer Frej Hedenberg from Homeostatic are cooking up something new for us to see.

So be sure to check back and we will let you guys know when the secret is out! Anyone have any guesses?

Homeostatic Studio Website


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