You! Be Inspired! — Superheroines in Magazine Covers

by . February 2nd, 2015

Have you ever thought of seeing Supergirl or Wonder Woman being featured on the cover of your favorite magazine? Pretty interesting, isn’t it? Well this whole idea was visualized and brought to life by a talented illustrator. His excellent skills in digital illustration and fascination with comic book superheroines lead him to create a series of epic magazine covers.

Meet Stanley Lau—also known as “Artgerm” to most of his global fans—an illustrator, designer, concept artist, creative director, and co-founder of Imaginary Friends Studios (a digital art studio that produces works for Capcom, DC Comics, Square Enix, and other popular companies in the entertainment and gaming industry). Born and raised in Hong Kong, his distinctive style in digital illustration was highly influenced by both eastern and western art styles with a strong sense of aesthetics and fluidity.

And out of his numerous projects, one of the most interesting is his personal project entitled “Justice Mag” series where he illustrates popular superheroines posing for magazine covers of a fictitious publication called Justice Magazine. Some of them are Poison Ivy as the “queen of green,” Supergirl as a fashionista, and a Wonder Woman featured as a gorgeous crime fighter.

See below all the awesome covers we all wish were for real!


Justice Mag - Poison Ivy by Artgerm

Justice Mag - Catwoman

Justice Mag - Supergirl by Artgerm

Justice Mag - Wonder Woman by Artgerm

Justice Mag - Black Canary by Artgerm

Justice Mag | Jun the Swan by Artgerm

Justice Mag - Harley Quinn by Artgerm

Justice Mag - Powerpuff Girls by Artgerm

Follow the series and check out more amazing artworks from Stanley Lau on his DeviantART portfolio.Share us your thoughts by hitting us in the comments below. Stick around for more creative stuffs.