The Battle between Lettering and Calligraphy

by . December 11th, 2012

Typography techniques are improved by constant practicing and when given the challenge of competition. This idea inspired the new website called “Lettering vs. Calligraphy” which features two amazing Berlin based designers in a unique challenge celebrating the creative process of hand drawn lettering and  penned calligraphy.


Lettering vs. Calligraphy


The type designers involved are Martina Flor and Giuseppe Salerno who are both exceptionally talented and have been in the industry for more than a decade. The duo create a design each day based on a keyword provided by a moderator. Then they post their work online and let the viewers vote for their favorite. The two go head to head each day – the unique hand drawn lettering of Martina Flor versus the exquisitely penned calligraphy of Giuseppe Salermo. The adventure aims to explore and showcase the capabilities of the two technical approaches in type design. Below are some of the latest designs featured on their website (left – lettering, right – calligraphy):



Distinguished “U”


"V" for Vendetta

“V” for Vendetta


Bizarre "J"

Bizarre “J”


Swashy "T"

Swashy “T”


Dynamic "N"

Dynamic “N”


Happy " B"

Happy “B”


Simple "Z"

Simple “Z”


Art Nouveau "9"

Art Nouveau “9”


Sophisticated "3"

Sophisticated “3”


Time To Fight postcards

“Time To Fight” postcards


Which of the type designs is your most favorite? Vote for them on their official website. This amazing project is not just a design challenge but an opportunity to discover the various styles and possibilities in type design in both lettering and calligraphy. Moreover, the series will be a huge source of inspiration for typography addicts out there as the battle continues.

Tell us your thoughts as well as your suggestions by commenting below. Stay awesome everyone!