Top 10 Crazy Celebrity Websites With Good/Bad Design Elements

by . November 17th, 2008

Most major celebrities have websites and they should, since well being a celebrity is a lot about branding. Many celebs spend millions on publicists and stylists and a website is a fundamental part of branding for any celebrity trying to make it big! So I thought it would be interesting to take a look at the websites of 10 people celebs known to be a bit crazy and see how the designs reflects upon them. Whether these celebrities are crazy or not is something I will let you decide, but I did my best to pick some of the top candidates based on my opinion! Did I miss some one who should be in the top 10 that has a website? Let us know in the comments!

Top 10 Crazy Celebrities With Websites

1. Britney Spears | Visit Website

Britney is the queen of crazy, and her website is truly fit for a queen. its got a great web 2.0 style design with all the trimmings and is one of the only celeb sites that is taking advantage of social marketing by linking to several accounts on sites such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and MySpace!

2. Michael Jackson | Visit Website

Michael Jackson, like his website seems to be stuck in the past. Its got a very 10 years ago feel to it and for some reason has a big ad spot on it? I thought Michael Jackson would have enough scratch to pay for his hosting bill without ads!

3. Tom Cruise | Visit Website

Tome cruise is arguably one of the craziest stars on this list, most well known and also has the best website in my opinion. Its modern, clean and has a really cool long reel of clips from all his movies in chronological order.

4. Gary Busey | Visit Website

Gary Busey’s website is a mess and in desperate need of a make over. Unfortunately Mr. Busey is currently on the latest season of celebrity rehab so it may be a bit before we see a spiffy new website to match the hopefully new and improved Busey!

5. Paris Hilton | Visit Website

Paris may be a bit wacky, but she sure knows how to brand herself. Her website is simple, classy, girly and pretty fitting for the image Paris is trying to portray. its not cluttered with a ton of stuff and does a good job pushing her new music.

6. Mariah Carey | Visit Website

Mariah Carey’s website has a pretty interesting layout, its dark an mysterious looking as well. I think it has way to many buy now buttons for her album and itunes though, really that’s pretty much all the site is, a giant screen filled with buy now buttons.

7. Whitney Houston | Visit Website

The site of Whitney Houston is modest, with just a few pages, some basic info and a little media player. While the site is nice and does its job fine, I think the legendary Whitney Houston could step it up a little!

8. Courtney Love | Visit Website

Courntey Love is the definition of crazy, but surprisingly her website is pretty sweet. even though the design is nice it looks like it hasn’t been updated in a while. The forums is down and there is only like one weird blog post from 2007, seriously check it out.

9. Tyra Banks | Visit Website

Tyra Banks is well known for being on magazine covers and her website is very fitting. Its looks like a sideshow of magazine covers that cover recent news about Tyra. I think this is a great, yet simple approach for her website.

10. Sarah Palin | Visit Website

Ok so shes more of a recent political celebrity, but forget the way she speaks and carries herself. Anyone who names their kids, Bristol, Piper, Track, Willow and Trig makes this list! With the 150k she spent on her clothes for the campaign, you think she would have spent a few bucks on a nice website design!


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