Typography Thursday – The Curvy and Classy Typography of Luke Lucas

by . March 14th, 2013

We all know that typography is about creating legible and readable forms of letters, but sometimes we see type as the main attraction of a piece of work. Wherein, instead of being invisible and unnoticed, the type takes center stage and mesmerizes everyone. Often we see these types of works in major media distributions – posters, magazines, Saturday night shows, and other quirky and creatively driven enterprise.


As our featured artist for this week’s Typography Thursday, Luke Lucas is one of the few people who can create legible, readable, and invisible type and yet never fails to take everyone’s attention. This multi-talented creative from Melbourne not only excels in creating beautiful type, but also designs and creates logos, graphic design, and yep, you guessed that right, typography.


Here are some of his works:












Check out more of Luke Lucas’ online portfolio at

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