It’s Hero Time! ESPN’s Releases the FIFA World Cup 2014 Posters

by . May 30th, 2014

The much awaited FIFA World Cup is almost upon us in a span of few days and we are pretty much hyped after seeing the recently released ESPN posters with the help of Wieden+Kennedy New York’s for this year’s World Cup.

Every four years the world of football comes to halt to watch and cheer onto their respective countries during the FIFA World Cup. As one of the biggest events in sporting history, the FIFA World Cup has it’s amazing share of advertising and art pieces. Back in FIFA 2010, ESPN and Wieden + Kennedy New York in collaboration with Cape Town based artist group AM I Collective with  made a series 32 murals to signal the up coming world cup.

This 2014, ESPN teamed up again with Wieden+Kennedy New York with Brazilian artist cum graphic designer Cristiano Siqueria to release a new set of 32 posters to promote the games. This time instead of murals showcasing  the various countries in a venerable fashion. ESPN, and Wieden + Kennedy New York have decided to feature each country competing for the gold in a propaganda-esque style.

FIFA-World-Cup-Brazil-Poster FIFA-World-Cup-Colombia-Poster FIFA-World-Cup-England-Poster FIFA-World-Cup-France-Poster
Each poster showcases the heroes who are leading their own countries on the pitch with an artistic representation of each of the 32 team nicknames. The posters are masterfully done not only to stir the wild passion that only the World Cup can evoke around the world but also to evoke each the sense of team spirit in each country. All 32 posters will be used for ESPN’s various media campaigns throughout the whole of the tournament.

FIFA-World-Cup-Japan-Poster FIFA-World-Cup-Nigeria-Poster FIFA-World-Cup-Russia-Poster FIFA-World-Cup-USA-Poster
Hit this link to check the rest of the posters. Are you excited about the upcoming World Cup? What are your thoughts about the posters created by ESPN and Wieden + Kennedy New York with Cristiano Siqueria? Do they represent your country well? Share us your thoughts at the comments section below! Don’t forget to check us out in Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+!

Source: ESPN Media Zone