You! Be Inspired! #0003

by . May 2nd, 2012

May’s a month we (geeks) love so much. There’s a bunch of geeky stuff going on all month long – we’ll be seeing the much- anticipated Avengers film on the fourth, which coincidentally falls in with Star Wars day. We also have May 25th which celebrates Geek Pride Day; it commemorates the first showing of the first Star Wars film (A New Hope) and the works of Douglas Adams (The Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy), and Terry Pratchett (Discworld Series). We’ll try to tackle these in the coming weeks, so watch out.

Since we’re pretty excited about the upcoming Avengers film (the team’s all giddy with the trailers and all), we’ll be featuring designs that focus on superheroes and comic books in particular. Graphic designers need a break, too. So here’s this week’s serving of You! Be Inspired!

To start off the list, here’s a quirky website created and maintained by Mike Mitchell, an LA- based artist whose art focuses on pop culture and vintage looks. Check out his blog and be amazed at his Lowbrow art style.

Graphic Designer 01

The You the Designer team’s a bunch of type addicts, we’d even talk about typography that are used in films. Anyway, here’s Wordboner, a typo/quotography site that features “the words, the colors, the opinions, and occasionally, curse words. All put together to get your brain working.” Well, that pretty much sums up their love for type and creativity.

Typography Poster 01

Typography Poster 02

Typography Poster 03

If you’re the web designer type, we’ve found a very helpful page that features the anatomy of the perfect landing page. If you’re looking for a solution or a template for your project website’s landing page, you can visit formstack’s The Anatomy of a Perfect Landing Page.


Web Design

Here’s a very nice and geeky way to look at logo design – collect all the fictional brands you’ve encountered in video games, television, and movies – and voila! You’ve got a collection of logos and brand identities that are known to almost 72% of Americans. Now that’s branding and identity at work. Check out the logos and the fictional companies that own them at Fauxgo.


Graphic Design 01

Graphic Design 02

Graphic Design 03

If you’re the minimalist type or you loved some of Noma Bar’s work, here’s a collection of posters that use negative space and your knowledge of popular culture. Check out Think Invisible, a project initiated by designers Adri Bodor and Mark Szulyovszky. It aims to make old yet classic images more interesting and graphically enticing.


Graphic Design Poster 01

Graphic Design Poster 02

Graphic Design Poster 03

Being self-proclaimed typophiles, we’d love to feature anyone who creates type anywhere, anytime. One artist who we’d love in the long run is Tommaso Guerra. His works are, in the simplest terms, street art with a bit of flourish. Most of his works feature a cabaret type that’s pretty uncommon to street artists, yet common to online graphic designers.


Graphic Design 04

Graphic Design 05

Graphic Design 06

If you’re looking for a good laugh, pretty good typography, and some awesome pictures check out The Big Caption. Created by designer Ian Collins, The Big Caption plays around and remixes the images featured on The Boston Globe’s The Big Picture.


Typography and Photography 01

Typography and Photography 02

Typography Photography 03

If you’re looking for graphic design that’s sharp, dark, and definitely masculine you should check out Hydro74 A.K.A Joshua Smith’s portfolio. His works mainly feature elements of street and urban lifestyle, and in most cases, showcase a very masculine aesthetic in his designs.


Graphic Design 07

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