You! Be Inspired! #0011 — NYC Type, The Heads of State, and Minnesota Zoo Branding

by . June 26th, 2012

We’re almost at the end of the Logo Design series and July is about to break in to our calendars soon. Watch out for upcoming articles we’ll be featuring this week – we’ll be publishing the last two articles of our Logo Design series, and we’ll be comparing business cards from the 18th century to the business cards we print today.

Without further ado, here’s this week’s collection of inspiring work:
The Dark Knight Rises Advertising

One of the most anticipated films of 2012 is Christopher Nolan’s finale to his Batman Reboot series – The Dark Knight Rises. This third and final film will conclude the Dark Knight’s fight against evil and his mission to serve straight-up justice to jack-asses within Gotham city. With Warner Bros. at the helm of the original 90s film series, and this reboot, we’re expecting flashy and exciting advertisements that will push fans and movie-goers alike to troop all cinemas in their area, and have their asses sitting at the edge of their seats – waiting to be served with awesomeness. Here’s an amazing billboard ad for The Dark Knight Rises.

The Dark Knight Rises Billboard featured in The Inspiration via

via The Inspiration

Minnesota Zoo’s 1981 Branding

There are only two things that makes the YTD team go crazy – one is typography, the other is cute animals. When you combine them into one, we’ll be mad as the Hatter himself.

When Lance Wyman’s 1981 branding and identity work on the Minnesota Zoo’s logo was compared to its current one by Logo Design Love, we went “schmucks, that’s what they’re using now?”. Seriously, if you saw it, you’d be as surprised and half-mad as we are. Just look at these cute fuzzy type-animals scattered all over the zoo, telling you where you are and where you should go next:

Minnesota Zoo Type and Wayfinding 01 by Lance Wyman via

Minnesota Zoo Type and Wayfinding 02 by Lance Wyman via

Minnesota Zoo Type and Wayfinding 03 by Lance Wyman via

Minnesota Zoo Type and Wayfinding 04 by Lance Wyman via

Minnesota Zoo Type and Wayfinding 05 by Lance Wyman via

via Logo Design Love

The Heads of State

The Heads of State is not your list of great (and dead) Presidents of The United States. Rather, they’re a duo of creative fellas, who, for all intents and purposes, have worked together since 2002, in almost every graphic design media you can think of. Made up of Jason Kernevich and Dustin Summers, The Heads of State has worked with different entities such as musicians like R.E.M to publications like Esquire and The New York times, and to different companies that require their creativity and graphic design expertise. Here’s some of their work:

Graphic Design Educate for Growth by Heads of State via

Graphic Design by Heads of State via

Book Leak for NY Times by Heads of State via

England out of Debt for London Guardian by Heads of State via

Rob Ryan

If you’re into handcrafted and creative stuff, you may want to checkout Rob Ryan’s different works on his website – Just like all the artists we’ve feature before, Rob has also worked on different graphic design media, and manages his own studio as well. Much of his works are presented in a manner that reminisces your grandmother/mother’s cross-stitching and the ceramics she uses when they’re serving you tea and biscuits in the afternoon – all fitting in a warm and cuddly home. Check out this calendar he made for 2013:

Calendar Design 2013 by Rob Ryan via

Calendar Design February by Rob Ryan via

Calendar Design March by Rob Ryan via

Calendar Design July by Rob Ryan via

Posters by Jason Munn

One of the few things I like on the internet is the vast number of posters available online. If you’re collecting the stuff, you can just search google for your favored design, and voila! You have a poster ready for printing anytime (don’t follow this tip, people will get pissed, and the FBI will prolly be knocking at your doors). Anyway, if you’re interested with poster prints and stuff related to it, Jason Munn’s work will probably interest you. His poster designs incorporate minimalist design and are screen printed for the unique collector feel you’re looking for. Here are some of his works:

Poster Design Chainsaw Massacre by Jason Munn via

Poster Design Morning Benders by Jason Munn via

Poster Design The Mountain Goats by Jason Munn via

Cityscapes by Scott Yeskel

I always feel nauseous when I’m looking at surreal paintings. I dunno, I kind of feel like I’m being rocked back and forth on a boat towards oblivion. Plus the wide planes and desolate flat lands that are featured in these paintings give me the heebeegeebees. But I found something that’s on the same plane, but isn’t as scary like Dali’s The Persistence of Time (well, it creeps me out), and that’s Scott Yeskel’s works. Scott’s works are inspired by his love (and hate) relationship with the City of Angels. Much of his work features the warm and neutral colors of LA, with a twist of menacing visual silence. Here’s some of his work, from his Cityscapes collection:

Cityscape Collection 01 by Scott Yeskel via

Cityscape Collection 02 by Scott Yeskel via

Cityscape Collection 03 by Scott Yeskel via

Cityscape Collection 04 by Scott Yeskel via

NYC Type by Luke Connoly

I have to admit, NYC probably has the most beautiful typography compared to any city in the world. In his project, NYC Type, Luke Connolly has photographed different typography within NYC, and has compiled them in one website. When we say NYC is the melting pot of the world, we mean that in every sense and idea of the word – from ethnicities, to food, and even to typography. Here’re some of Luke’s photos of type in NYC:

NYC Type Flower Girl Photograph by Luke Connolly via

NYC Type NYC Marble Cemetery Photograph by Luke Connolly via

NYC Type Death and Co. Photograph by Luke Connolly via

That’s all folks — That concludes this week’s You! Be Inspired #0011. If you’ve got comments, suggestions, or just plain love for us, make sure to let us know through our Facebook or Twitter.

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