You! Be Inspired! – 10 Awesome Videos for Graphic Design Inspiration

by . August 1st, 2012

The weather may not be fine today but we here at YTD are still at our most creative state. Today we have prepared a load of inspiring videos from viral ads to cutesy animations that will give you the inspiration you’ll be needing to fuel your creative day ahead. Check them out and enjoy!


1. Dream (featuring Mos Def  & Niels Shoe Meulman for Louis Vuitton) by Ogilvy Paris

The newest Louis Vuitton campaign features Yasiin Bey (more commonly known as Mos Def) and world renowned graphic designer Niels Shoe Meulam. Yasiin Bey performs one of Muhammad Ali’s poem entitled “Dream” which he (Ali) delivered on his legendary fight against George Foreman in 1974. The viral video was directed by Stuart Mclntyre with Ogilvy Paris.


2.  Mario- Post It Life  by Final Cut King

If you are the O.C. type who uses a lot of Post-It to keep yourself reminded with your tasks at hand or just a plain Post-It hoarder— I’m pretty sure you’ll gonna love this video. The video was made by Zach King who is also known as the Final Cut King. He decided to make the video to pay tribute to some of the most popular and iconic video games of all time.


3.  No Noodles  by Tyler Nicolson

Who doesn’t love a good clay animation? This beautiful stop motion animation is made by Tyler Nicholson who is an animation student living in Montreal. The video involves jumping fishes, dinosaurs and one weird purple creature. Be sure to take a look at his other stuff here.


4. This Means War Title Sequence by Imaginary Forces

For those who have seen the movie (or at least paid attention to it) probably has an idea about this flick. But for the benefit of those who didn’t get the opportunity, “This Means War” opening sequence has the James Bond effect and feel into it.


5. DiGi “Birds” by EyeBelieve

Do you guys remember MirrorMask, that surrealist visual treat of a film orchestrated by Dave McKean? The making of this video is like that because it involves combining live action scenes with computer generated graphics but without the length and the creepy creatures, this video instead has crazy birds (hence the title) in it. Behind this video is EyeBelieve which is an award-winning design studio based in Selangor, Malaysia.


6. Wamono Music Video for  HIFANA

Japanese breakbeat duo KEIZOMachine! and Ju-c or more commonly known as HIFANA are very passionate about infusing the Japanese culture to their craft. Enlisting the help of up-and-coming Japanese artist such as Teppei Maki they have created a collection of music videos that will blow your mind away. This video is probably too old for our list (since this it was released on 2005) but it still managed to crawl in because of the creative inputs used.


7. How to Improve Your Relationship

Hip-Hop based duo Parker and The Numberman teamed up Qualcomm to create this wicked viral video telling why people should get a Snap Dragon. The video hosts various disciplines of design such as typography, set design and animation. The great use of color in this video is sure to keep your eyeballs glued on your screen.


8. Disform 2012 by Dani Wolf

This awesome motion graphic signage was created by Dani Wolf for his graduation project in Bezalel Academy of Design and Arts. This 3-minute video involves an ensemble of quirk but edgy animated type. Check out his other awesome stuff here.


9. “State of the Art” Music Video for Gotye by Rubber House

Before Gotye’s hit single “Somebody that I Used to Know” climbed the charts, he was already known for having a great visual flair in his music videos. One of those is this video for “State of the Art” which was in collaboration with  Rubber House. The award-winning animation studio based from Melbourne is headed by Gregory Sharp and Ivan Dixon.


10. London 2012 Olympic Games Trailer of BBC

Of course our list wouldn’t be complete if we don’t have something related to the 2012 London Olympics. This animation trailer was made for the media giant BBC (the nice folks that brought us Doctor Who).  The idea behind the video is to make United Kingdom a huge stadium with the athletes preparing and competing in around the different locations. The concept was devised by RKCR/Y&R while Passion Pictures handled the stunning animation sequences.


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