You! Be Inspired! — 35 Amazing Fashion Illustrations

by . January 30th, 2013

Fashion illustration has been a staple in most fashion magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and such. Other than seeing fashion illustrations in magazines it is also used in advertising, fashion boutiques, shows and even in event flyers. The rich fluid lines, bold colors and sometimes the painterly like quality of an illustration brings a whole different sense and meaning in translating clothes that captures and entertains the viewer. While photography does a great job in showing the beauty of fashion, there are times that a good old hand made work brings out a more intimate and sincere approach. This is why for today’s post we are bringing you dear readers some of the most talented and upcoming fashion illustrators and a piece of their work for your eyes to feast upon.


Mustafa Soydan


Adriana Krawcewicz


Soleil Ignacio


Steph Manuel


Kevin Wada


Floyd Grey


Fab Ciraolo


George Stavrinos


Caroline Andrieu


Shelsey Birch


Magda Antoniuk


Tsu Wong


Tara Dougans

Manuel Rebollo


Paul Rabrabhi


Nuno Dacosta


Sabine Pieper


Caroline Andrieu


Richard Kilroy


Christina Koutsospyrou


Francesca Waddell


Hanna Müller


Cecilia Carlstedt


Monsieur Qui


Laura Laine


Kelly Thompson


Richard Gray


Ignasi Monreal


Jorge Roa


Spiros Halaris


Berto Martinez


Natsuki Otani


Masaki Mizuno


Esra Roise


Marguerite Sauvage

If you were Anna Wintour of Vogue or Glenda Bailey of Harper’s Bazaar who needs to have a stunning and a visually captivating piece for the next issue, which for these awesome pieces will you feature in your magazine?