You! Be Inspired — 10 Awesome Game Boards

by . February 11th, 2013

Game boards have been around for quite as early as 3500 BC and despite the overwhelming technological advantage of computer and console games nothing really beats good old way of playing games that doesn’t require a computer and a ton of button mashing. What is great about game boards is that it lets people play in a more physical, personal and social level.

Today we are showcasing you guys some really interesting and visually inspiring game boards that you guys can take out for your next picnic or if you needed a break from playing computer games.

Mushroom Melee by Tara Imamura



Suspicion, Hallows Eve by Julian May



Smorgasboard by Steve Simpson



Word Wargame by Cedrik Ferrer



Symboli by Gus Salazar


Holiday Everyday by Brandiziac



Conquer the Rockies by Andrew Power



Orbis by Nicholas Wright



Escape! by Christopher Olvis



The Pitch by Fatima Kabbah


Making a game board is no easy feat because apart from conceptualizing the rules while factoring in the “fun”, designers have to be wary of the design and the materials they are going to use as well. This is why we here at YTD gives a big thumbs up to these dedicated makers of such awesome games. Now it’s your turn to tell us what do you guys think about these games. If you have made a game board before do not be shy to share us what you have made, who knows that might be a million dollar idea!