You! Be Inspired! — Beautiful Work Spaces

by . September 4th, 2012

Its a well known fact that our environment directly influences our ability to work and be productive.  A well designed workplace not only helps people to stay inspired, creative and productive but it also reduces mundane work chatter, stress and other time wasting activities that impedes your ability to work well. According to an article by Architecture Now; a good work place should also promote collaboration apart from that it should also promote collective wisdom which will aid in solving problems in a multi disciplinary manner.  As for those who work at home having an organized work space promotes discipline and better focus despite all the distractions laying around at home.

We have scoured the depths of the web and gathered some of the  most well designed work places whether its an office or a home studio for your inspiration the next time you are going to redecorate you work space.






Touch Digital


Red Bull London


Village & Co.


Safari Sundays


Google Super HQ London




Ethercycle Web Design and Development Studio


Wieden + Kennedy Headquarters


21 Cake Headquarters


Microsoft Vienna


Onesize Office


Loop Australia








Adidas Headquarters


JWT Bogota Headquarters




Selgas Cano Architecture Office

Home Studios


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