You! Be Inspired! – Beauty and Surrealism: 20 Images of Lowbrow and Macabre Artwork

by . July 24th, 2012

Surrealism has been kept alive and kicking by various artists – from Audrey Kawasaki and Aya Kato, to the fellas who maintain and publish the Juxtapoz Magazine. We normally see Surrealism through the eyes of different Lowbrow artists, and they provide the quite-needed Cute x Weird x Activism during our time. Amidst the cuteness and colorful expositions by different Lowbrow artists, we tend to forget the darker and equally beautiful side of Surrealism – the macabre and grotesque side of art and design.
There are some things that are too macabre yet look so beautiful. We’re not into anything specific here; we just found an interesting page on Facebook that caters exactly to that. If you haven’t stumbled upon The Macabre And the Beautifully Grotesque gallery on Facebook, it’s about time you got your fair share of the weird and the beautiful:
Antonio Santin

Anontio Santin via


Bradly Wright

Bradly Wright 01 via

Bradly Wright 02 via


Fred Einaudi

Fred Einaudi 01 via

Fred Einaudi 02 via


Brian Despain

Brian Despain 01 via

Brian Despain 02 via


David Hochbaum

David Hochbaum 01 via

David Hochbaum 02 via


Corinne Reid

Corinne Reid 01 via

Corinne Reid 02 via


John Brophy

John Brophy 01 via

John Brophy 02 via


Chavetta Lepipe

Chavetta Lepipe 01 via

Chavetta Lepipe 02 via


Esao Andrews

Esao Andrews 01 via

Esao Andrews 02 via


Kyle Bastian

Kyle Bastian via


Three out of the six members of our team love this type of work, I can’t blame them — these are truly remarkable pieces of art. While not everyone can appreciate this kind of art, there are a few people who’d want to have poster prints of surreal artwork hanging on their walls.

If you’re a big fan of either Surrealism or Lowbrow art, let us know and share with us your favorite artist and their work through the comments section. Make sure to watch out for more You! Be Inspired! articles this week!

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