You! Be Inspired! – Creative Use of Typography in Magazine Covers

by . September 12th, 2012

No matter how popular digital media today, print is still one of the best places to showcase various creative awesomeness. One common application is through designing magazines. And to make an iconic magazine issue is not just by creating awesome inside stories but most especially in maximizing creativity in the cover design.

The typical design we usually see on magazine covers are a combination of the usual design elements such as text, logo, photographs and other graphics. However some magazines covers can stand out by using only one of these elements like the use of typography alone. How come? Then lets take a look on various examples we collected to showcase how typography combined with a creative concept, effects and brilliant composition can create a unique  design for a magazine cover.


Fukt Magazine (Germany) | Art direction and design: Ariane Spanier
Editor: Bjorn Hegardt | Source


The Guitar Magazine (US) | Source


Idealog (New Zealand) | Editor: Hazel Phillips | Art direction: Aimee Carruthers | Source


Jetzt (Germany) | Art direction: Joanna Swistowski | Source


Billboard (US) | Creative Director: Andrew Horton | Source


The Guardian Guide (UK) | Source


2 days to go: Wallpaper | Design by Studio Frith | Source


100 issues Vogue Portugal | Art director José Santana | Source


Sport (UK) | Art Director: John Mahood | Design: Will Jack | Source


Italian Wall (Rolling Stone Magazine) | Source


IL (Italy) | Art Director: Francesco Franchi | Source


Metropoli (Spain) | Ace Art Direction by Rodrigo Sánchez | Source


NY Times Mag | Designed by Sean Freeman | Source


Popular Mechanics (US) | Design Director: Michael Lawton | Source


New York Times Mag | Type Illustration: Mike Lemanski | Source


Metropoli | Ace Art Direction: Rodrigo Sánchez | Source


ShortList Magazine | Source


Bloomberg Businessweek | Creative Director: Richard Turley | Source


Punkt | Publisher: Rino Borini | Source


Open Skies | Sweet type by Mitch Blunt  | Source


Style Arts | Source


Metrópoli | Ace Art Direction: Rodrigo Sánchez | Source


This Magazine | Artwork by Hyein Lee | Source


Gym Class Magazine | Source


ESPN Magazine | Source


Time Magazine | Source


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