You! Be Inspired! – Marvelous Artworks Featuring Stan Lee

by . December 28th, 2012

Hello creatives! Three more days and its a brand new year! But before you end the year with a bang, we here at You The Designer will continue to inspire you with some awesome finds that will boost your creative day ahead. And this time, we will showcase another set of marvelous illustrations featuring a legend from the comics industry – Stan “The Man” Lee.


Stan Lee via


So why Stan Lee? Well, aside from being considered by fans as the “God of the Marvel Universe“, today marks his 90th birthday. Being the former President and Chairman of Marvel Comics, Stan Lee is popularly known as a comic book writer, editor, actor, producer, publisher and television personality. His collaborations with notable artists like Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko, gave birth to some of today’s most celebrated comic book characters like Spider-Man, the Hulk, the X-Men, the Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Thor, and many others, introducing a more complex and naturalistic characters in a shared universe of superhero comic books.

As a birthday present and to celebrate Stan Lee’s contribution to the world of comics and their influence in today’s pop culture, YTD have collected some of the coolest artworks across the Web featuring Stan with some of his popular superhero creations. Exelsior!


"Stan Lee" by KidNotorious

Stan Lee” by KidNotorious


"Stan Lee's OctoThrone for Comikaze" by camilladerrico

Stan Lee’s OctoThrone for Comikaze” by camilladerrico


"Comikaze Expo Stan Lee Exclusive Print" by jamietyndall

Comikaze Expo Stan Lee Exclusive Print” by jamietyndall


"Stan Lee cover" by bullsik

Stan Lee cover” by bullsik


"Zombie Stan Lee" by Tony Moore via whoisrico

Zombie Stan Lee” by Tony Moore via whoisrico


"Stan the Man" by spidermanfan2099

Stan the Man” by spidermanfan2099


"Stan Lee" by Brian Denham via DaneRot

Stan Lee” by Brian Denham via DaneRot


"Stan Lee Excelsior" by Daniel-Jeffries

Stan Lee Excelsior” by Daniel-Jeffries


"stan lee" by spencerjoh7

stan lee” by spencerjoh7


"Lady Mechanika Comikaze exclusive Print" by joebenitez

Lady Mechanika Comikaze exclusive Print” by joebenitez


"Stan vs. Thor p. 3-4 -lettered" by JohnRauch

Stan vs. Thor p. 3-4 -lettered” by JohnRauch


"Zombie Stan Lee" by Corpsecomic

Zombie Stan Lee” by Corpsecomic


"Excelsior!" by cheshirecatart

Excelsior!” by cheshirecatart


"Stan Lee :: sketch" by ElectroNic0

Stan Lee :: sketch” by ElectroNic0


"Stan The Man" by neworlder

Stan The Man” by neworlder


"Stan Lee" by xCyhx

Stan Lee” by xCyhx





"Stan Lee" by keizler

Stan Lee” by keizler


"Stan Lee Poster" by Kopetkai

Stan Lee Poster” by Kopetkai


"Stan Lee" by JosefRubinstein

Stan Lee” by JosefRubinstein


"Stan Lee Signed" by bronze-dragonrider

Stan Lee Signed” by bronze-dragonrider


"Stan Lee and Spidey" by dsb

Stan Lee and Spidey” by dsb


"Stan Lee" by Mark Hammermeister

Stan Lee” by Mark Hammermeister


"Stan Lee MAD Magazine Illustration" by Anton Emdin

Stan Lee MAD Magazine Illustration” by Anton Emdin


"Stan Lee" by Ferlancer

Stan Lee” by Ferlancer


"stan lee" by nadavnach

stan lee” by nadavnach


"Stan Lee caricature" by sole00

Stan Lee caricature” by sole00



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Which among the Stan Lee artworks is your most favorite? Share to us your thoughts and as well as your suggestions by commenting below. Stay awesome everyone!