You! Be Inspired! – Minimalist Magazine Covers by Scott Nicholson

by . February 22nd, 2013

The art of minimalism or creating designs with less details to achieve a “minimalist” theme is getting more popular today from print ads to movie posters. Limiting the use of design elements is a common trend today in major fields like web design, print and even in app development. Having said this, more and more artists are exploring the minimalist style in their own creative fields. One such creative is Scott Nicholson, a multi-disciplinary designer from Boston who specializes in illustration, branding, web and print design.

Scott decided to initiate a personal project in response to the trend of using the art of minimalism in various art forms. He always find it interesting to see various take on the “minimalist” work and how those simple ideas can be very effective. The medium he considered for the creative project was magazines. Through his Minimalist Magazine Covers, he defined how simplistic covers with minimal text and imagery can be very striking to look at.

Scott picked some obscure and mainstream publications in this project. Let’s take a look at some of his minimalist magazine covers below:





Which of those minimalist magazine covers is your most favorite? Share us your thoughts and suggestions by commenting below. Stay awesome everyone!