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by . October 18th, 2012

We’ve already seen so many variations in terms of art mediums and techniques – from the various forms of digital media such as concept art and digital illustrations to the different traditional methods like paper crafting and other unusual art mediums. And today we continue to introduce you to another rare form of art using fire as the primary medium that has been around for centuries but not given that much attention. Some of you might already have heard of it but for those who are just exploring the world of fine art, we give you a closer look on the art of wood burning also known as “pyrography”.

Pyrography is defined as the art of decorating wood or other materials like paper by burning the surfaces and leaving burn marks created using a heated object such as a poker. From a Greek origin, the term pyrography means “writing with fire”. With varied types of tip used, a large range of shades and tones can be created. Most of the time, after the design is burned on the material, it is being colored using different pigments and other coloring materials.

And to further appreciate this amazing art form, we here at You The Designer will introduce you to some of the most talented pyrographic artists today. Some of them are already well known in this field while some are just starting to explore the potential of this artistic medium. Enjoy!



Fay Helfer


Influenced with science, humor and pop culture, Fay Helfer has been creating amazing works of pyrography with combination of natural pigments. She’s from San Francisco Bay Area, CA and holds an MFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Her works are simply magical!


"Snail Do" - pyrography by Fay Helfer

“Snail Do” – pyrography with coloured pencil and pastel on wood panel


"Headache" - pyrography by Fay Helfer

“Headache” – pyrography with natural pigments, and pastel on wood.


"Michael" - pyrography by Fay Helfer

“Michael” – pyrography and pastel on wood


"Daenerys" - pyrography by Fay Helfer

“Daenerys” –  pyrography, pastel and natural pigment on wood


"Jon Snow" - pyrography by Fay Helfer

“Jon Snow” – pyrography and pastel on wood



David Stanley


Australian illustrator, teacher and draftsman David Stanley is very passionate about wood crafts inspired by the craftmanship of others and enjoying friendship with fellow woodworkers. His masterpeices in love-spoon carving and pyrography has been around the world and a great source of inspiration for others.


"Pleasure Cruise" – pyrography by David Stanley

“Pleasure Cruise” – pyrography on hoop Pine Ply Panel


Discourse Pyrography by David Stanley

“An Earnest and Spirited Discourse on the Several Advantages of Sustained Flight”


"Horse at Petra" – pyrography by David Stanley

“Horse at Petra” – pyrography on Hoop Pine Ply Panel


"The Hoard" – pyrography by David Stanley

“The Hoard” – pyrography on hoop Pine Ply Panel with Merbau Frame


"Eager to Learn" - pyrography by David Stanley

“Eager to Learn” – pyrography on hoop Pine Ply Panel with E. Viminalis. stained and textured frame



Jean Bouick


Not much is known about this artist but Jean Bouick‘s art of pyrography is just amazing. Her videos over YouTube gives us all the details on the process of producing such wonderful masterpieces.


"Mother Theresa" - pyrography by Jean Bouick

“Mother Theresa”


"Chuno....oh-jiho" - pyrography by Jean Bouick



"Korea" - pyrography by Jean Bouick



"Johnny Depp" - pyrography by Jean Bouick

“Johnny Depp”



Dino Muradian


The 60 year old Romanian artist, Dino Muradian – also known as “muradino” in most of his online profiles – has been doing the art of pyrography almost within his entire life. His idea about this art is self taught and has been a hobby for 20 years until some of his pieces were sold that triggered his successful career in the world of pyrography. His works are not limited to wood, he also does pyrography on paper, leather,  bones and gourds and any other things with the wooden texture. The latest is probably his works on wooden violins.


"Christian" pyrography by Muradino

“Christian” – pyrography on paper/cardboard


"Sun Friendly" - pyrography by Muradino

“Sun Friendly” – pyrography on wood


"Meltdown" - pyrography by Muradino

“Meltdown” – pyrography on sycamore maple board


"Napoleon Crossing the Alps" - pyrography by Muradino

“Napoleon Crossing the Alps” – pyrography on lime/linden panel



Brandon Jones


American artist Brandon Jones just recently started wood burning as of December 2011. With a little experience on the art of pyrography, he already produced wonderful pieces influenced by pop culture, natural elements and personal thoughts.


"The Avengers" - pyrography by Brandon Jones

“The Avengers” – pyrography on wood


"Tiger and Cub" - pyrography by Brandon Jones

“Tiger and Cub” – pyrography on wood


"Lord Of The Rings" - pyrography by Brandon Jones

“Lord Of The Rings” – pyrography on wood


"Fringe" - pyrography by Bandon Jones

“Fringe” – pyrography on wood



Davide Della Noce


Davide Della Noce is an Italian artist who have loved drawing since he was a kid. His passion for art and love for animals inspired him to pursue a career in art and design. His amazing art of pyrography is his unique way of expression and a fusion of all those elements.


"Falconiformes" - pyrography by Davide Della Noce

“Falconiformes” – pyrography on wood


"Bear" - pyrography by Davide Della Noce

“Bear” – pyrography on wood


"Leone" - pyrography by Davide Della Noce

“Leone” – pyrography on wood


"Il Branco" - pyrography by Davide Della Noche

“Il Branco” – pyrography on wood


"Parrot" - pyrography by Davide Della Noce

“Parrot” – pyrography on wood



Julie Bender


Last but not the least is self-taught artist Julie Bender. Much like Davide Della Noce, her works include stunning pyrography pieces featuring animals and nature – capturing every single detail. She earned her degree in Fine Arts in 1980, and  discovered the art of pyrography in 2002 and decided to pursue the unique artistic medium.


"Wise Man" - pyrography by Julie Bender

“Wise Man” – pyrography on maple


"Keeping them Warm" - pyrography by Julie Bender

“Keeping them Warm” – pyrography on maple


"Pick One" - pyrography by Julie Bender

“Pick One” – pyrography on maple


"Focused" - pyrography by Julie Bender

“Focused” – pyrography on maple


"Don't Judge Me" - pyrography by Julie Bender

“Don’t Judge Me” – pyrography on maple



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So there you have them guys! Which works are your most favorite? Have we missed other artists you know in the world of pyrography? Then tell us about them as well as your thoughts and suggestions by commenting below. Find us on  FacebookTwitter and Google Plus for more updates, design news and  features, or better yet subscribe to our blog for the latest design inspirations, stories and freebies. Stay awesome everyone!