You! Be Inspired! — Velopresso: Eco-Friendly Coffee on the Go

by . November 6th, 2012

Taking a cup of joe has become an important if not a religious routine for most people. Especially in America where it is said in a Huffington Post article that Americans consume 400 million cups of coffee per day which is equivalent to 146 billion cups of coffee per year and 65% drink their coffee at breakfast hours. Making the U.S. one of the biggest consumers of coffee along with Finland, Norway, France, Germany and Japan.

While most people rely on their electric coffeemakers to brew them a fresh cup, two Royal College of Art product design students: Lasse Oiva and Amos Field Ried fused their love for cycling, coffee and sustainable energy in creating the Velopresso.

The Velopresso

This pedal-powered mobile coffee-making machine uses a grease-free carbon belt drive system that also serves as a custom made grinder. 5 seconds of pedaling in the Velopresso is enough for a double shot. With its functionality and design aesthetics, the project was granted in the 2012 Deustche Bank Award in Design and was placed 2nd in the Pininfarina Design Contest 2012.

All images  © Ivan Coleman

The Velopresso is still far from mass production since creators and Oiva and Ried are still exploring ways to utilize coffee grounds to produce their own fuel but right now we hope to get a whiff and taste of this wonderful invention.

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