8 Qualities of a Successful Entrepreneur

by . July 17th, 2014

By Leah Rutherford

Leah Rutherford is a career development writer and also writes about job searches, resumes and cover letters on her blog JetFeeds.

So you think you’d like to start a business, but you’re not sure you have what it takes. Experience will eventually show you all the secrets of the field, but for now, examine these eight tools and traits you’ll need in the beginning and throughout your career.

8. Time


Your business will demand a lot from you: paperwork, research, customer service, and much more. It can’t just be a hobby that you devote a few hours to before bedtime.

Plan to spend an extensive amount of time building your business, especially in the beginning, and you’ll be rewarded for focusing early on your work.

7. Knowledge

These days, a degree isn’t always necessary, but you can’t enter the field without some idea of what you need to get started. Brush up on what it takes to run a business. You may need a business plan, grants, licenses, and more, depending on what you do. Of course, success isn’t built on knowledge alone.

Experience will come as you go along, but for now, knowing what needs to be done will jump-start your business and save you trouble in the future.

6. Interpersonal Skills


Chances are you’ll have to talk to someone sooner or later, whether it’s in person, over the phone, or through a presentation. You’ll want your business to appear professional and prepared to take on clients, and that’s why communication skills are important.

Eye contact, a smile, and a clear, confident voice are good qualities to let someone know you’re trustworthy and sure of yourself and your business.

5. Connections

You don’t have to go in alone. Many people get started in business by obtaining words of wisdom from others. Talk to those who have been in the field a long time. They’ll share what mistakes not to make, what they wished they’d been told when they started, and even simple tips like which printer is the best.

As an added bonus, your contacts may present you with opportunities for future clients and sales, and connections in your specific industry can keep you up-to-date on upcoming developments.

4. Resources

Running a business is more than just stocking shelves and purchasing office supplies. To get started, you need the proper supplies, and these vary according to your industry.

For example, if you’re going into construction, you might want to find used construction equipment. In any business, you’ll begin on a tight budget, which is where those connections come in handy. They may have a few places and names for equipment deals in their back pockets.

3. Innovation

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The world is always changing, so it’s good to have a creative spirit that’s open to new ideas and ready to tackle projects from different angles.

You have to adapt according to your current environment and what customers are looking for, and if a plan doesn’t work, be prepared to try a new one.

Molding to new situations will help you be more flexible, and your business will look fresh if it stays on top of all the latest trends.

2. Commitment

Anything worth doing is difficult. Success doesn’t come by sitting around all day and dreaming about it. You have to put forth the effort even when things get tough.

Finding daily motivation is often a daunting task, so remember your goals every day, and don’t be afraid to make a mistake or two. It’s part of learning and growing in your business.

1. Passion

People say if you do what you love, you never work a day in your life. To really go far, you need to have passion. That enthusiasm will get you through hard times and remind you why you entered the industry in the first place.

Plus, when customers see you love what you’re doing, they’ll be more attracted to your business and contribute to your success.

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Leah-color2 Leah Rutherford is a career development writer, specializing in entrepreneurship and small business start-ups. She also writes about job search, resumes and cover letters, which you can read on her blog, JetFeeds.


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