9 Non-Business Subreddits for the Online Entrepreneur

by . August 13th, 2014

If you’ve started on your project, you probably already know that entrepreneurship entails a lot more than just starting a business. It takes a lot of energy and the skill to balance one’s life so they stay productive while not turning into a zombie.

This is why I’ve composed this list of non-business-related subreddits to keep you in tip-top shape. This list contains subreddits on motivation, ideas, and advice.


9 Non-Business Subreddits for the Online Entrepreneur


I find this subreddit quite unique and fresh. Although it is one of a million motivation subreddits, I like AccomplishedToday because of how it handles motivation. Rather than talking about tips on how to get yourself motivated, it accounts stories of people that were able to get through tiny goals that they felt were difficult.


This subreddit is for when you need advice, but you’re not really sure which subreddit to go to for it. Other than helping you get stuff done, AdviceOf is also a nice place to get to know what other people want. By knowing so, you might have a clearer understanding of what your next business idea may be.


GetDisciplined is like getting advice from a drill sergeant on focusing your mind. Sometimes, you’ll get the usual productivity advice, while others seem outlandish. Seldom though I find gems of ways to force some productivity in your head, which can be good if you’re as stubborn as me.


This one has the same purpose as AdviceOf, but is formatted in a different way. Rather than asking advice from others, the people of IWantToLearn as for tutors or even links to online courses. Sometimes they’ll specify if they have trouble learning a certain way. Check this subreddit out and maybe you’ll find someone needs a skill you have. Go make a UDemy course.


Mentors is a motivation subreddit and a learning subreddit combined. Not only do people come here to learn something, but they look for people who have gone through what they’re going through now. Thus they look for people they can look up to in order to confirm that what they want to do with their lives is possible.


I’m sorry. I said GetDisciplines was like getting advice from a drill sergeant. No. NoExcuses is that. Their personalised logo is even someone getting shouted at by two officers. You post the thing demotivating you and sometimes you may get the bubbly, cheery “You can do it!!~” But most of the time, you’ll be nagged at as if they were your moms. If you react better to masochistic tough love, this is the subreddit for you.


Productivity is filled with lists on how to get yourself productive. It is mostly where social media marketers gather to post their uplifting and energising to-do lists. And as you can imagine, it does cheapen the subreddit. However, what I like about this one is that it does have a schedule of its own, and being around others who follow their schedule might help you follow yours. This schedule is a daily theme, represented by a stickied post. Mondays are for weekly goals, Thursdays are for words of wisdom, etc.


Resistance here is described as the force stopping you from working. This subreddit is where people post about projects that they’ve been procrastinating for quite some time and need that extra push. Sometimes the resistance can be as strong as a traumatic incident, and they can help with that too. If you’ve got a deep-rooted problem stopping you from doing that thing you want to do, go here.


ZenHabits is like the click-baitier hippy cousin of Productivity. Or rather if Upworthy had a child with a bonsai tree, this would be it. Behind it though are some great articles about mastering life one light step at a time.