You CAN Teach Old Dogs New (Biz) Tricks [Infographic]

by . September 8th, 2014

How old is too old for learning the skills needed for entrepreneurial success? This infographic gives us encouraging insights.

A few months ago, we posted another infographic from Anna Vital on finding success late in life. These days, it seems so many people are finding success early in their lives, and this can be disheartening to those who haven’t achieved what they think they have to yet. What’s worse is when many of us reach a certain age, we simply give up and let life run its course.

Well, it’s never to late to learn something new. Just check out all these relative late bloomers:

Too Late to Learn?

by annavital.

As encouraging as this infographic is,  ultimately you shouldn’t  always be comparing yourself against other people. That will usually lead to disappointment.  Instead, most of us would be far happier if we competed against ourselves.

Are you better than you were, yesterday?

What’s your story? Comment below!


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